When you know it's time to hit the road

Do you find yourself unhappy in your relationship and are contemplating
should i stay or should i go?
Ask yourself these things:
1. Are you happy together? if not have you both made an attempt to work things out more than 3 times?

2. What are you fighting for? Love conquers all so why not love yourself more to let them go

3. How do they make you feel? do they bring out the best of you or are you simply a carpet that is being walked on?
4. Do you recognize the person in the mirror?
being in an unhealthy relationship will take it's toll on your health from loosing your hair, acne, weight gain, and even more serious health issues
think of how you look and feel when you're in love and happy: glowing skin " you get the picture

How do i know this : because when i was in my unhappy 8 yr relationship I was so stressed out that I was diagnosed with thank god a non cancerous tumor the size of a melon to top it off when i went in for surgery to have it removed he wasn't there for me he told me he thought i needed my space!

It doesn't matter how long you have been together, in time it's not going to get any better
they are who they are take it or leave
if you have kids believe me they can pick up your energy and know that mom and dad aren't happy

The point is that for someone to LOVE YOU "
YOU must LOVE you first!
if you're heart and intuition are telling you that you are better off on your own then it's time to hit the road
you deserve to be happy so let them go
and focus on a happier and loved you!