Where is Help when You Need It?

I just wanted to write because I am so frustrated. My son has been extemely ill for about 1 1/2 years. No one seems to be able to solve the problem of his seizures and losing consciosness. He has been hospitalized at least 5 times in the last year.

He has missed a great deal of work due to his illness. He was just off for about a month again. Because of these issues he hasn't been able to keep his bills up. His landlord has been pretty patient but he needs his rent money. He is currently 3 months behind. If not paid in 7 days the landlord is going to evict him.

He tries to work when his health allows but it just isn't enough. He is married and has 2 children. His wife works but at a low wage job. He has two daughters, one 11 and the other 5. The oldest daughter came to live with him late last year when she was abandoned by her mother.

She is the sweetest little girl but is having several problems adjusting and gets so scared when her dad gets sick because she is worried about what will happen to her if something should happen to him. I have tried to reaassure her that I would try to apply to let her live with me. I am not in good health and close to 60 but would do what I could.

He is so stressed that he isn't sleeping, and this is taking an even further toll on his health. I live on Social Security Diisability and have tried to help as much as I am able but nothing seems to be enough.

Both he and I have tried every agency, website and anyone else that we thought might be able to offer some assistance. Nothing is available to assist him. I don't understand what someone in his situation is supposed to do. Time is running out, I don't want my granddaughter to have to suffer any further drama in her young life, I don't want him to be on the street with his health in such a precarious state.

It is not possible for him to stay with me as I reside in a difficult situation which I don't even want to be in. While this election year is upon us I just wonder what other people in this situation do? How scary it must be for anyone in this position. What is the answer? I am so scared for him and his family, yet am helpless to assist him financially. So I thought I would pass my thoughts on to try and think things out. Wondering if there is something I am missing. There just has to be a solution. Why is there no where to turn for help?

There is a breakdown in this country and people's immediate needs are not being met. We must stand together and demand better treatment for the families that are struggling like my son. So please share this with friends and family and try to come up with some solutions!!!!! Please - this could someday be your child....