Screaming Woman

There was a time when politics was about issues that affected the lives of individuals and their families, when voters aligned themselves with politicians who represented their values regardless of political party. Now, smear campaigns are flooding the media airwaves that are smoke and mirrors to distract voters from important issues: the economy, education, health, and military security.

A disturbing trend is the constant race baiting. The polarization of Americans is at its worst during this presidential race. Any effort to discuss facts that impact American lives are dashed when many who question President Barack Obama's leadership are called racists. If you are a Black American who questions President Obama's job, some consider you an Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima. However, if you support President Obama, some will consider you closed-minded and in stride with the New Black Panther Party.

If you are against Mitt Romney and you are Black, you will receive a virtual high-five by some. However, if you support Mitt Romney and you are a Black American, you are asking for the return of slavery in America. As Stacy Dash found out, you are crucified for being a conservative Black and accused of supporting a future plantation owner.

Many dedicate blogs to this disturbing trend. Is it possible that although some may believe these deep divisions as real, there are those who know better yet they are on assignment to divide American voters to steer them away from critical policies that can devastate American families for generations.

November 4, 2012, is around the corner and too many Americans are focused on irrelevant issues that has absolutely nothing to do with the improvement of their lives. In less than a week, millions of Americans will vote. Will they vote issues or will they vote color?