Why as to we should not study American democracy of:" Presidential highest office" government which has shown how to finish enemy within the country or from otherwise state. by one man show?

It looks very encouraging how the Chief Executive have the guts and execute the work without any pomp and show so confidently and secretly that the world is all praise fore it ,though the country has got the assembly of electorate from the citizens and no body could say or interfere or tried to have discussion of the plan in advance/ But our India was also attacked by the same enemy as was America that had to and suffer badly the same loss and prestige, which some how avenged the defeat , but our system of governance very meekly has been waiting for such a long time as it seems the country does not mean so much as the CW Games and our love to wards a the trechrous neighbour and enemy with whom we employ cricket diplomacy, it is due to our functioning not single minded but under the influences of those who it seems never have the experience to handle such problems but surely in other anti national activites like black,money and encroacing infrastructure and land grabing etc, This is why our governance is with different political system. The country now under new developments world wise may also try to move like USA governancen by A single steel man under no bodies influence but only his country..