This is Why Deer Shouldn't Go Ice Skating

Bambi slipping on ice is adorable. A deer slipping on ice in real life is a whole lot scarier.

Three deer were recently saved from a freezing cold fate after being trapped in the middle of the frozen Albert Lea Lake in Minnesota. A lakeside resident saw the poor animals stuck on the ice and shared a photo of them on Facebook to help get the word out about their situation.

James Kenison and his father Doug Kenison, owners of MedCity Hovercraft, a hovercraft tour and training company, knew they had the means to help the animals before it was too late.

The two took their hovercraft vehicles out on the frozen lake to reach the deer. The animals couldn't stand or walk because it was too slippery, so they tied ropes to their legs and pulled them to land. After a few minutes readjusting on the shore, the deer sprinted back into the forest - and will hopefully think twice the next time they attempt to ice skate.

The father and son shot video of their rescue, which you can watch here. It's wonderful to see one species looking out for another!

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