Why Madonna's Divorce Crushes Us

Jon Furniss/Wire ImageJon Furniss/Wire ImageCall me delusional, but despite the endless rumors about custody, prenups, and settlements, I still can't believe she's getting divorced from Guy Richie. The most upsetting part, though, is that most people are assuming it was inevitable, all her fault, or both.

Sure, Madonna is exceedingly type-A, the ultimate ball-busting alpha woman. But I haven't heard anyone question Richie's role, how maybe he couldn't handle her never-ending string of successes while his once-ascending career sputtered out a series of creative and commercial flops (she bounced back from Swept Away; him, not so much).

Well, why should a stranger's marriage mean so much to me? In 2000, when they wed in a fairytale-perfect castle in the Scottish Highlands, it proved that the belief about men being intimidated by powerful women was an antiquated load of bull. A successful husband, an adorable family, a killer body, a substantial bank account, and a rockin' career? Madonna's happily ever after assured me a modern woman could have it all. Don't get me wrong - I don't think Madge and I are identical bosom buddies. But if controlling overachiever Madonna, the ultimate ball-busting alpha woman, could find a cool, supportive guy to spend her life with, couldn't we all?

Which is why I was crushed when their marriage finally split. None of us will really ever know exactly why they divorced - maybe she did step out with A-Rod. But the point is that everyone thought it was inevitable. "How could a woman like that pull this off?" was the sentiment. What I'm left wondering now is…can't we?

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By Sarah Z. Wexler


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