10 Ways to Stay Safe While Running

By Matt Johnson - DietsInReview.com

While the benefits of running are extensive, it can also have its down sides if you don't take precautions to be a safe runner. Here are a few runner safety tips to keep in mind as you hit the road to ensure you return short nothing more than breath and sweat!

1. Map a path: Always plan your path before you start the run to avoid getting lost or ending up in a dangerous area.

2. Run before sunset: Try to run during the daylight hours, or follow a well-lit path if you must run at night.

3. Take a buddy: A running buddy is always a safe move in case of injury or to keep would-be assailants away. Not to mention the support and motivation that come along too.

4. Stay Hydrated: It's important to drink plenty of water before, during and after your run to keep your body hydrated and prevent possible cramps.

5. Wear new running shoes: It is recommended that you get new shoes every six months or so; this will help prevent your feet and knees from future injuries.

6. Stretch: It's important to stretch before and after your run to protect your muscles.

7. Run on flat surfaces: Try to avoid uneven ground whenever possible as it's more rough on the ankles and knees.

8. Check the weather: Be sure to know the weather report before your run, this will save you from getting caught in the rain, a thunder storm, or worse.

9. Run facing on-coming traffic: This is a standard rule that helps you to know where the traffic is and ensure other drivers can see you.

10. Don't wear black: Wear lighter colored clothing at night, or if you are dressed in black make sure you have on something reflective.

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