Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas that Transition with Your Child

When you decorate a nursery, it's easy to get caught up in cute baby décor that features cuddly animals and soft pastel colors. But before you spend hundreds of dollars in nursery decorating, ask yourself what will happen to all the baby stuff in a year or two. By this time, your baby will have outgrown the infant stage and be ready for big boy (or big girl) things. Save yourself time and money by using these nursery decorating ideas that will transition with your child as they age.


Because bedding can be easily changed as your child grows, by all means, decorate a nursery with sweet baby bedding! After all, the crib bedding will be spit-up on, sucked on, pulled on, go through all kinds of trauma you won't believe! By the time your child is ready to replace the bedding with something new, it will be shot anyway, so choose baby nursery bedding that reflects the sweet innocence of your child. The bedding you choose is a great way to set the tone of the baby nursery, without putting in any permanent fixtures that can't be easily replaced.

Remember, no one says you have to use yellow ducks or fluffy sheep on the baby's comforter! While traditional baby nursery bedding, such as Noah's Ark, nursery rhymes, teddy bears, and so on, are still widely popular, the newest trends include the use of simple colors, patterns and shapes on comforters, crib sheets, and the like.


When choosing the paint color for the baby nursery, it's best to select one that can will support a décor change in a few years. Select a hue that you can envision in a toddler's room, but is calming and serene for baby too. The best paint colors for a transitional nursery include light blue, yellow, pink, light green, lavender, and other peaceful shades found on the 'cool' side of the color wheel. Light blue can be used to decorate the baby nursery with puffy clouds, but the décor can then be changed to a celestial theme when the child ages. Yellow can be used with Winnie-the Pooh in the nursery, but can easily transition into a floral theme or even a character themed room for toddlers. Pink would look beautiful in a baby girl's nursery room accented by flowers and other frilly décor, but can transition into a princess or Barbie themed room as your child grows.

To help make decorating a nursery easier, select a paint color first and then decorate around that color, choosing bedding and accessories that complement and blend well for a polished look.


When decorating a nursery, choose decorations and accent pieces that won't become permanent fixtures in the room. Here are a few suggestions that will make changing the from a baby nursery to a big-kid room easy:

Removable wall appliqués - Decorate the baby nursery walls, without having to worry about labor-intensive removal, with removable wall appliqués. Apply them anywhere in the room, and if you don't like the way they look, take them down and reapply them somewhere else. They peel and stick and don't damage the wall surface when you take them down. They're available in a wide variety of styles and themes, making them perfect for nursery decorating because they can be easily changed as your child grows.

Painted mural - If you're a bit artistic, or know someone that is, paint a mural on one wall of the baby nursery. This is a very hot trend, and is something that is commonly seen in celebrity homes. When the child outgrows the mural, it can be easily painted over with a fresh coat of paint.

Temporary wall border - Wallpaper border looks great in a baby nursery, but it can be expensive to buy and labor-intensive to remove. Instead, consider using a temporary wall border that peels and stick in place, but can be removed and changed without damaging the wall surface.

Transitional furniture

The crib is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you'll buy for the baby nursery. Since you're already spending a few hundred dollars, spend just a bit more for a crib that will transition into a toddler bed. In another year or two, you'll remove a few pieces from the crib and have a toddler bed in place.

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