Baby's first Christmas: What I'll miss as she grows

I recently asked some friends what they think they'll miss (or already miss) about their kids during the holidays. They talked about things like awe, wonder, belief, imagination, and excitement. They talked about Christmas shopping, gifts, and lights. One even told the story of his son using a baby bathtub as a "sleigh" and belting out "Rudolph" in a "clear, beautiful soprano."

My daughter was a mere six weeks old for her very first Christmas last year, so I don't have these kinds of memories of her yet. But does this mean that there is nothing to miss? I don't think so! Thinking back on her very first Christmas as a newborn, I have memories that I will remember fondly as she turns into one of those kids that is crazy about Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas Outfits

We must have had at least five outfits for my baby's first Christmas. It was like the "Twelve Days of Christmas" in wardrobe form as we led up to the big holiday. Each day, we turned her into an unsuspecting but adorable reminder of the joy of the season. I imagine I will blink, and she will suddenly be old enough to refuse wearing anything Christmas-y around the holidays, let alone a different outfit each day.

Listening to Christmas Music

I was on maternity leave during the whole Christmas season (highly recommended!) and spent most days tuned into a Christmas radio station. My memories of cooing to my baby girl, snuggling with her in the Moby wrap, or just genuinely trying to figure out the "mom thing" will always have a Christmas soundtrack.

Christmas Shopping - Her First Trip to the Mall!

Our first major family outing was to the mall to do Christmas shopping. I was simultaneously proud and flustered as we pushed our baby through the crowd. We were excited to be out and about as "mommy and daddy," but quickly learned that it was much easier to care for a baby in the comfort of my own home.

Baby's First Christmas Pictures

Our precious, little newborn was incredibly docile for her Christmas photo shoot. We dressed her in a sweet dress and over-sized headband, and she slept as we cuddled her under the Christmas tree and got close-ups of her face. Now that she's one, getting dressed is a battle, and I can't imagine her standing still long enough to pose!

It's nice to know that we've already created cherished Christmas memories with our little girl. And even though she was only six weeks old, her eyes still sparkled when she looked at the Christmas tree.

What do or will you miss about your kids during the holidays after they're grown up?

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