Back-to-school hair styles for teacher

Teachers need back-to-school haircuts, too. Most teachers will face special challenges with their hair every day. They need styles that will last throughout the entire school day, are professional, stylish, and easy to deal with early in the morning when they are rushing to get to school in time. If you're headed back to school soon, you may need a few great style ideas. Keep reading to find out the best styles for your back-to-school teacher look.

A collar bone bob. This style is great for straight, thick hair. Hair should be slighter shorter in the back than in the front. The longest part of the hair should hit just above the collarbone. Slight layers throughout will give the hair a little more body if it's fine and thin. A zig-zag part gives interest, and a slightly asymmetrical look makes it very modern. Wear the collar bone bob super straight and parted off to the side for a sleek, chic look. Use a round brush to blow dry hair straight and a flat iron to get out any kinks.

A chin length bob. There is a chin length bob for every hair type and face shape. This short cut looks extremely professional when worn straight and sleek. It also looks great with soft curls off the face. To give hair more volume, have your stylist give you lots of layers or chop into the ends slightly for interest. Blow dry with a round brush to make hair smooth, or apply gel, scrunch, and air dry if hair is curly.

Long and layered. If you like your hair long, have your stylist add some chin-length layers that taper down to the ends. A soft side bang is universally flattering for all but very curly hair. This style works well for all face shapes, and most hair types. Apply mousse, then blow dry hair at the roots for volume. Keep hair neat and out of your face to keep the style looking professional.

Pixie cut. For the teacher who likes the ease of short hair, the pixie cut is a stylish way to go. Short, textured layers will keep this look from getting too matronly, but don't go too choppy if you want to keep it professional and cleanly styled. Just blow dry, finger style, and finish with a little pomade and spray for a style that's quick, easy, and lasts all day.

For any back-to-school teacher style, apply mousse before hair drying to help the style last longer. Blow dry down the hair shaft to prevent frizz. Apply a shine serum if needed, and follow up with a medium hold hair spray to keep hair touchable but in place all day.

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