Back-to-school skin care tips

All summer long you lavished your skin with sunscreen, smartly protecting it from dangerous UV rays and free radicals. By the time fall arrives, you've probably got sunscreen deep in your pores and may notice that the surface of your skin is dryer, tighter. A return to school should mean a return to gentler skin products and new skin management routines. Luckily back-to-school skin care won't take long. A few minutes everyday will soothe and smooth your skin this fall.

Body exfoliation: Lightly exfoliate your body once a week. For this you'll need a gentle shampoo formula and a baby washcloth. Washcloth exfoliation is simple. Lather your cloth then rub your wet skin using a circular motion. Slough away dry skin for one to two minutes.

Rough faces: Use a microdermabrasion product on your facial skin and your neck too. Since microdermabrasion is a bit rough on the skin, only do this twice a month and always follow it up with a soothing serum.

Replace products: Replace your citrusy, gel cleansers with a gentle milk-based cleanser. Wipe away the cleanser with soft tissues and rinse it with cool water. You won't need to wash away as many oils you would during summer. Cooler temperatures and fall breezes can actually dry your skin out so swapping to a milk-based cleanser is just smart. No matter what your age! Also, if time is a factor in your skin care, considering using botanical-based facial wipes. It's wipe on and wipe off!

Do the swap: Swap out your loaded sunscreen moisturizer with one that is full of antioxidants. Fall is a season for skin care repair! Look for products that contain vitamins C and E; natural ingredients that comfort your face.

Get steamed: Summer weather conditions leaves our skin tight. Add a weekly steam treatment to your skin care. It's a great way to prep for bed too. Simply fill your bathroom sink with hot water and lean over (carefully) the water. Cover the back of your head with a towel to capture the steam and breathe deeply. After a minute, your skin will fill better and pores will open.

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