10 Tips for Surviving the First Day of School

Back to School
season is in full swing, and for some us, school is already is in session. That's right, my son went back on last week (that's him above with his new teacher), and I'm happy to report that it went very well. Yes, he was disappointed about not being in the same class with some of his good friends (see tip #8), but for the most part, the first day of school went off without a hitch. So, if you're gearing up for a new school year, here are 10 tips to survive that first day of school. And if you want to score free (yes, free!) back to school goodies, click here.

1. No more staying up and waking up late. Get your kid into the habit of going to bed earlier at least a week before school starts so he'll have time to adjust to the new schedule.

2. Invest in an alarm clock. This takes the heat off you when your kid doesn't want to get out of bed. You're not the bad guy; the alarm clock is.

3. Have your kid pick out his back to school outfit, and make sure he tries everything on. For one reason or another, he might not like the way something fits or feels, and you don't want to be scrambling that morning for another outfit that fits.

4. If your kid is packing a lunch, go over the menu with him the day before so he knows what to expect.

5. Same goes for breakfast. Plan the menu ahead, and even if you're usually more of a cereal and toast kind of cook in the morning, make this one special. It's a big day!

6. Get to school early. Most parents will be taking their child to class, so leave time for traffic and parking. Also, this gives you extra time to show your kid where everything is-don't forget to point out where the restrooms are. Just don't be one of those parents driving around with one of these plastered on their car.

7. If you know who your child's teacher's is ahead of time, find out as much information about him or her to share with your child. Have a picture? Show your child so his teacher won't feel like such a stranger.

8. If your kid is a returning student, make sure to discuss the possibility of being split up from some of his friends over the summer break. Assure him that they can still be friends even if they're not in the same class and that he'll make new friends. And no matter how much you talk about this, be prepared for some tears on that first day.

9. Bring your camera and take as many photos as you can. You'll be surprised how fast time flies, and before you know it, your kid will be graduating from high school. Yikes!

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