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The Perfect After-School Snack: Homemade Granola Bars

Bake a pan of these snacks and you'll never go back to the boxed stuff. They're super-easy and fun to make with kids.

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Finding the right book for your kid can be a …

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My son came home from the first day of Grade …

  • Dad reading with daughter

    "I love school." Few phrases sound sweeter. Because when your child thrives in his educational setting, he tends to thrive outside it too. That's why initial signs of trouble (complaints about the teacher, behavior write-ups) can press your panic button. We'll help you handle the toughest start-of-school challenges.

    By Mindy Walker

    Your child insists his teacher hates him.
    If class has been in session for a few days, put a watch on the comment and emphasize the positive. After school, ask, "What was the best thing about class today?" not "Did you like Ms. Gray more?" If the objections continue beyond Week 1, set up an appointment with the teacher to discuss your child's concerns, says Sara Leef, an elementary-school counselor in Brookline, Massachusetts. Yes, this can be a hard topic to broach with an educator because it feels so personal, but left unaddressed, "these feelings tend to grow into bigger issues, which can be harder to resolve down the line," Leef explains. Before you m

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  • Your kids don't have to stop learning just because it's summer!

    Your kids don't have to stop learning just because it's summer!

    It's summer, and the livin' may be easy, but that doesn't mean it has to be lazy. Not that I have a problem with lazy. I love days with no agenda or goal in mind. But an entire summer? Uh-uh. To me, that's a lost opportunity, especially for kids who are old enough to spend the majority of their year in school.

    Summer is that blessed moment when you and your kids are released from the lock-step of the schoolday schedule. It's time to bone up on life skills that get lost under homework and/or after-school activities.

    1. Household responsibility
    This summer, teach your kids to do something more ambitious than setting the table or emptying the dishwasher. Show them how to cook dinner for the family. Take them through the process of doing the laundry, from hamper-to-folding. Get them pushing the gas-powered mower. Frame it as "move-out skills" they'll be proud to have mastered when they become someone's college roommate.

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    2. Independent ent

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  • By Steve Reifman for

    Sharpen your child's writing skills this summer.

    Sharpen your child's writing skills this summer.

    summer learning tune-ups for kids

    It is incredibly important to keep your child's mind productively occupied during the summer months.

    One way to accomplish this task is to encourage kids to participate in a variety of engaging writing projects.

    Children who write over summer vacation not only avoid summer learning loss, but also develop greater enthusiasm for writing and improve their skills as they head into the next school year.

    Share the following options with your child to see which ones resonate.

    1. Make a book about a topic of strong interest. Whether we're trying to encourage students to read or write, I recommended that you start with your child's passions. When kids own the choice of what they will write, motivation increases significantly. Children who love animals may want to research one and create a book - complete with text, illustrations, labeled diagrams, and more.

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