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The Perfect After-School Snack: Homemade Granola Bars

Bake a pan of these snacks and you'll never go back to the boxed stuff. They're super-easy and fun to make with kids.

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Finding the right book for your kid can be a …

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My son came home from the first day of Grade …

  • We asked nutritionists for healthy snacks we don't have to feel guilty about, then kids tried out their picks. These lunch-friendly foods received a unanimous "yummy!" REDBOOK.

    Justin's Organic Single Serve Peanut Butter Cup Is there any better combo than milk chocolate and peanut butter? This version is so natural it feels virtuous. ($0.99 each; for stores)

    Chobani Champions Tubes Low-fat Greek yogurt blended with real fruit in an irresistibly squeezable package. ($2.79 for 8; for stores)

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    Earthbound Farm Dippin' Doubles The carrot and ranch-dip combo is perfectly portioned, and the creamy dip is made with wholesome ingredients. ($3.39 for 2; for stores)

    Little Duck Organics Freeze Dried Tiny Fruits Kids will pop these like candy; good thing there's nothing but fruit in there. ($3.99 each; for stores)

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    Sabra Classic Hummus w

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  • One person's trash is another person's political statement. That's according to two recent court rulings over school bans of plastic "I (Heart) Boobies" bracelets, which promote breast-cancer awareness. An Indiana school's ban of the wristbands was upheld Wednesday by a U.S. district judge, who called them "vulgar." Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania earlier this month, a federal appeals court judge overturned a school district's ban on the same bracelets, saying they are "not plainly lewd." Here, nine other recent strange school bans to ponder.—Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff
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    Shame researcher Brené Brown first became famous from her aha-moment-packed TED talks, The Power of Vulnerability and Listening to Shame. She has inspired millions of men and women to let go of pretense and to courageously connect with others in order to live more fulfilled lives.

    In her book, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are, Brown writes about engaging with the world from the perspective of worthiness, something that many parents struggle with personally. For parents who hope that they can lead their children to feel intrinsically valuable when they head out into the world as adults, here are 3 of Brown's ten guideposts to wholehearted living that she details in the book.

    1. Let go of what people think; be authentic.

    Around the age of middle school, people start to become self-conscious. We put on airs and wear masks of self-protection. We shun things we love because we're afraid of being perceived as uncool, e.g., "Ew, you

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  • Different kids react to school in different ways, and my four approach a new school year with pretty much every possible reaction: excitement, nervousness, annoyance, complete and utter dismay that summer has ended. So we try to make the first day of school something to look forward to rather than something to dread. Here are a few ideas about how to make it special, whether it's their first day at a new school or they're old pros begrudgingly giving up their summer fun. Some ideas are my own, and some have come from friends. But all make the transition a little bit easier. -By Kristen Howerton

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    By Leigh Newman

    The first person who talks to you isn't necessarily your new best friend.
    You may want her to be your best friend. In fact, way back in seventh grade when you were sitting at a lunch table alone, knowing no one in that whole cafeteria full of laughing, seat-saving people, she may have seemed as if she could be such a person--as long as you ignored her bubbling enthusiasm for Wednesday's after-school "Coven Club." And so you invited her over to spend the night. Six months later, you realized you'd spent most of your junior-high experience hanging out in her room, chanting ineffective, creepy spells until you finally admitted to yourself that you two had nothing in common.

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    Twenty years later, when you are sitting at dinner at a yoga retreat alone, you need to remember this moment from the past, because the first person who talks to you may actually end up being your best friend--or she may be a total nutcase (and often she is; that is

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