A smart workspace for your little genius

Big ideas come from little minds. And it's important for parents to foster curiosity and a love of learning at an early age.

My preschooler recently started asking if he could have a desk in his room. He doesn't have homework, but he's spent a fair amount of time seeing his big brother at his desk doing math, writing stories, or pretending to be a librarian. (It's an elaborate game where we all "check out" books the old-fashioned way...with date stamps and slips of paper. Did you do that when you were a kid? I did.)

I'm on a quest to find him a suitable workspace that is "his." I spied this very hip children's desk over at an equally hip new website, Mamaista. It's called the P'kolino Klick Desk and I must admit, I really, really dig it because it exudes a retro vibe and looks like a real school desk (but with so much more pizzaz). The seat has ample storage for art supplies and books. When pushed under the desk, it's super compact. I could see this easily looking sharp in a living room or kitchen if your kid's bedroom is short on space.

The design is sleek and still age appropriate for preschoolers up to kids in first and second grade. They won't have to sit on their knees because the table is too high, and they won't feel swallowed up by a huge seat.

The desk sells for US$199 and is available online at P'kolino.