KU Boob-ment Spreads

It all started with a silly selfie. Last March, University of Kansas student Tiffany Kent snapped a photo of her cleavage covered by a Jayhawks shirt and tweeted it with the hashtag #kuboobs to show support for her college men's basketball team during a game when the team was on a 19-point losing streak.

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But when the Jayhawks won the game by a one-point victory soon after, news started spreading that Kent's busty tweet was responsible. Et voila! A boob-ment was born.

Soon cleavage selfies were being tweeted by the droves. A @KUBoobs Twitter account was born, now followed by more than 25,000 people. Naturally, a Facebook page accompanied it, which currently has 13,034 likes. A website called KUBoobs became the central hub for women to post photos and "promote game day excitement." The KUBoobs Tumbler features a photo gallery comprised of 135 shots. But it was only when KU Boobs launched a "Best Boobs" contest in December that the movement really picked up steam.  

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Schools like the University of Florida (@UF_Boobs), University of Alabama (@BamaBoobs), and Vanderbilt University (@VandyBoobs) now have their own Twitter accounts. Just this week, @TexasBoobs was launched and over the course of 48 hours, reaped 12,000 followers. "Everything is bigger in Texas so why not join in?" an anonymous representative of the @TexasBoobs Twitter account told Shine. "As a former alumni of the University of Texas, it's a great way show school spirit."

And the good works may not stop with school spirit. Kenneth Soap, a 32 year-old Kansas City DJ and the creator of the KU Boobs Facebook page and website, told Shine that the group also uses breasts to turn people's attention to worthier causes. "In October, we organized a breast cancer walk through the American Cancer Society," says Soap.

The @TexasBoob rep agrees: "We're considering philanthropic efforts since we have so many followers.

In the meantime, the KU website calls its efforts the "New Feminism" by way of "hijacking your Twitter feed with our boobs."

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