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The bathroom is one of the least expensive rooms of the house to make over, simply because of its size. The average bathroom is no larger than 9 x 11, equating to small floor size, little wall space, and a limited amount of cabinetry. This means its easy to makeover a bathroom on a budget! With a few new additions, and a few decorating tricks, you can enjoy a fresh new look without spending a ton of money. We've listed several budget decorating ideas that will cost very little.


- There is no other home improvement that will change the look of a room as quick as a fresh coat of paint. Luckily, it's also one of the least expensive ways to makeover a bathroom. Choose a fresh new color of washable paint, and apply it to the walls in just a few hours. Be sure to also repaint the trim work in the bathroom with a bright white semi gloss paint.

Add new storage - One of the biggest complaints in most homes is a lack of storage. As part of your new bathroom makeover, add a new wall-mounted cabinet over the toilet or beside the vanity. If you don't have the wall space to accommodate a hung cabinet, try storing extra towels and toiletries in a large wicker basket on top of the countertop.

Refinish the countertops - If your countertop is dated, you can give it a fresh new look with paint designed to mimic the look of granite. Look for faux granite countertop paint, or something similar, at your local home improvement store. Since countertop space is typically small in a bathroom, you should be get all the supplies for this project for around $75. That's a fraction of the cost of a total countertop replacement!

Lighting - One of the hottest new trends in bathroom lighting is layered lighting. This means, instead of relying on a single light source, such as the ceiling fixture, the new bathroom makeover can include additional light sources for a layering effect. Line the mirror with small tap lights for accent lighting, provide a lit magnified mirror for task lighting, and install a dimmer for ambient lighting. Learn more about light layering.

Bath accessories - The small items you place in the room, known as bath accessories, can literally make or break your new bathroom makeover. To achieve a consistent look, use one finish on everything you place in the room. For example, if you use a brushed nickel sink faucet, don't bring in a antique brass shower rod. The finishes will clash and do nothing to complement the hard work you've put into your new bathroom makeover. Read 'Modern Bath Accessories for Under $ 50' to see how affordable budget decorating can be.

Vanity mirror - An oversized mirror above the vanity will help give the illusion of a larger space, and emphasize artwork and other accessories you have in the room. For a special touch, frame the mirror with molding, or accent it with crystals, beads, or other flashy embellishments.

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