My battle with breast cancer: What doctors won't tell you

I've been through the wringer this past year. My body has changed forever, never to be what it was before my breast cancer diagnosis. Cancer took my left breast, treatments made me lose my hair, caused chronic fatigue and pain, and generally put my life before cancer on hold. All of this may not have been necessary and it ticks me off--big time.

Traditional treatment for breast cancer

My treatment for breast cancer was the common slash and poison route taken by modern medicine. First, surgery removed the tumor and my left breast. Then chemotherapy poisoned my body just in case there were any rouge cancer cells remaining. A five-year drug therapy treatment was recommended, but I have declined. I also refused to discuss radiation. My particular circumstances is stage 1, node-negative breast cancer. It is not in my lymph system.

I thought that the cancer treatment center would give me multiple options. They gave me a few, but only within traditional guidelines. A dietitian recommended certain foods to help support my immune system, a doctor of naturopathy recommended supplements to help support my immune system and reduce side effects of chemo and other drugs, but overall the course of treatment is still well within the boundaries of modern medicine.

What my team of specialists did not tell me is that there are other ways to treat cancer. The reason they do not inform their patients of this comes down to money. It takes a lot of money to purchase radiation and surgical equipment to treat cancer. If other less invasive options are available--they are a threat to mainstream medicine. That is why you doctor will not tell you everything you need to know.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

I want to be clear with the fact that I believe modern medicine has its place in cancer treatment. The fact that I am alive today is a testament to that fact. What makes me really mad is that it might have been possible to treat my cancer without the surgery and without chemo. I will never know for sure--I chose a course of treatment before I was aware of what else was out there.

As a writer, I constantly ask questions. Through the course of researching breast cancer I came across two documentaries: Dying to Have Known directed by Steve Kroschel, and Burzynski directed by Eric Merola. Both films are available on NetFlix for viewing online or through a video device like a game console.

Dying to Have Known, details the Gerson therapy which is a holistic, diet based approach to treating cancer. I'm not 100 percent sold on Gerson's methods but it was interesting to watch.

Burzynski, on the other hand, infuriated me. He essentially has a cure for many types of cancer and was harassed by the FDA and the medical established to the point of it being criminal. His methods work. What sickens me about Dr. Bursynski's situation is that people like me may not have needed surgery or chemo. His antineoplastons could be saving lives if the FDA was not controlled by big pharma.

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