Beauty Guru: My 2012 Best and Worst Beauty Trends

I'd definitely say that 2012 was the year for unimaginable creativity. Although we saw the return of the semi-matte lip, it was turned up a notch with purples, greens, pinks and beyond. Also, let's not forget about the braids we saw everywhere on everyone in every form, including French braids, twists, plaits, and butt-length coils. As a huge fan of expressing oneself through beauty and fashion, I pretty much loved the nouveaux take on the old trends but not everything celebrated this year received my blessing.

2012's BEST EVER:

Of course anything dealing with makeup would be the first thing on my list. The graphic eye/eye liner explosion had me doing cartwheels! Once you get the hang of it, their actually pretty easy to create. An artistic hand can form an exaggerated cat eye to a double cat eye to the reverse cat eye which is done in the inner corners of the eye. I'd recommend using a good felt tip liquid liner like L'Oreal's Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner with much practice first or Dior's Dior Beauty Velvet Eye Stickers which are reusable velvet adhesive patches that are applied to the lash line. The Graphic Eye is great alone with a hydrating lip balm or amped up with a creamy bold lip. A trailblazer at the end of last year but I expect this trend to lead in 2013 as well.

The second best trend of this year has become infamous in suburban neighborhoods, international streets and amongst the red carpet elite. THE BUN a force to be reckoned with all over the world has become so stylish yet it's the simplest, laziest coif ever. Back in the day, as recent as last year, the bun was the quick updo saved for adorable ballerina's, workouts, cleaning and those scorching hot days when you just couldn't bare a piece of hair touching your neck. Today, brushed to the back of the head, angled slightly to one side or the most flattering, pulled loosely at the crown with or without bangs automatically makes one assume you're part of the upper echelon when you're really only doing laundry.

2012's WORST EVER: a.k.a Give it a rest!

Okay, so I too jumped on the ombre hair color trend but in all fairness, mine is gorgeous! The trick with marrying colors is that they should look great together even if their on opposite ends of the color wheel. Some of the collaborations I've seen are just plain, old ugly! Number one would be Britney Spears' toilet water tragedy. It's a mix of blues and greens and just looks wet, dirty, and unflattering. Try pairing opposing colors with dark browns and black hues not dirty blondes.

Over the past few years, Vlad Ţepeş or Dracula to us mere mortals, has made a huge comeback in the entertainment industry. The vampire genre has literally taken over the big screen and now every licensed manicure establishment around the globe. Socialites everywhere were photoed wearing the claw tips or vampire nails. To be clear, my beef isn't really with the art that many came with because a lot of it was Amazing but the nail shape is just not cute to me. Granted I'm a sharp, square nailed girl and usually likes to defy anything too trendy which is why when I saw these I said Bingo…these have got to go!

One other prediction for 2013 are the sexy pieces of hosiery that have taken shape over the year. Although these decorative, lacy, spider web inspired undergarments are nothing new, they've surely gotten a fresh round of applause as of late and seen everywhere. Classified as more of a fashion trend, beauty professionals like myself have noticed just how gorgeous they make the legs appear. Sultry silhouettes and elongating patterns make any woman feel beautiful and hey, that's all it'll take to forecast this beauty as a trend.

So guys, tell me your best/worst of 2012, and if you agree with me or if I'm way off…