Beauty Guru: 2013 Beauty Resolutions

Nighttime Promise + Ladyfingers + Hello Kitty Vs. PETA

When I was in school, the sassy girls would always use the phrase "be about it" to coax others into doing what they wanted them to do. However, as I matured, I realized that calling someone out in that manner wasn't exactly wrong. So, before the stroke of midnight 2013 I boldly confronted myself and said, "Self, in order to be the best beauty professional that you know you are, you've got to take your own advice. How can you consult others on proper skincare and cosmetic tips but ignore them yourself?" Thus my resolution was born. Ms. Kim, either "be about it" or be done with it.......ain't no way around it!

Enter Beauty Resolution #1: Must complete each step of my Nighttime Skincare regimen EVERY night. On most evenings I'm committed to cleansing and ridding my skin of the days unseen guck but admittedly, I'm a down right scoundrel when it comes to moisturizing. I pledge to take the extra 30 seconds it takes to generously moisturize using Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and La Rocca's Daily Hydrating Moisturizer with SP 15; paying special attention massaging up the neck & around my eyes and nose.

Beauty Resolution#2: Conceal my age by keeping my hands young. It's no myth that the hands are a source of age. They do almost everything for us and yet their rewarded by neglect. Although I have no actual power in turning back the "hands" of time I will show appreciation to my ladyfingers with a weekly manicure......okay maybe bi-weekly with a PROfessional. Bright colors will keep them youthful and the warm tones work great at contrasting the blue-green tones that peak under my skin.

Beauty Resolution #3: Keep my cool Kitty a smooth Kitty. I'm a HUGE fan of the infamous Brazilian wax, an advocate is more like it; but sadly, my schedule dictates my life. There are times when I look down there and wish that PETA would put me out of my misery. This year, I'm committing to a Brazilian visit at least once every three months, sure I could decrease the time but trust me, my schedule would never go for it. In between visits, because I'm an ingrown hair magnet, I absolutely promise NOT to pull out the razor no matter how bad it whispers my name. A light exfoliation about a week after waxing with Bath & Body Works' True Blue Spa Malibu Body Scrub and a feathery moisturizer after each shower will have this fur box smoother than icing on a birthday cake.

So, Gurus, now that I've bared my soul and revealed my dirty little lazy secrets tell me, what beauty regimens are you going to "Be About" this year?