Beauty Guru: My 3 beauty resolutions for 2013

As I kick off the New Year with a flurry of confetti, a glass of something, and hopefully some stolen kisses, I have already begun tackling my list of beauty resolutions for the year ahead. As a Beauty Guru and the owner of a beauty business, I can't turn the proverbial page with a good binge and purge. I have quite a list going, but here's a peek at my top three beauty resolutions. Bring it on, 2013!

I'm stopping the slow march of brown spots. When I'm not hopping a cruise ship to the Bahamas or lounging around my swimming pool, I'm a pretty pale gal. Yes, I'm a good Guru; I do wear sunscreen but sometimes it's not enough. Invariably, my hands are arms get left to fend for themselves often resulting in unattractive brown spots. On my vanity table, you will find makeup and moisturizer with SPF 15 or above but I need a bit more protection to keep ugly age spots at bay. (Unfortunately, they run in my family. Why couldn't I have inherited plump lips instead?) I've purchased stronger sunscreen products and have stashed them in my car and on my keychain. No more age spots popping up on my hands and arms because I forgot to apply. I'll be ready at all times for a slathering of sun protection.

I'm ditching the one-dimensional hair color. I am ashamed to admit how long I've colored my hair. Besides the random red or awful-looking black I tried, my hair has spent most of its life as a blonde -- a big, platinum blonde. Years ago, before I began the bi-monthly colorings, my hair was a lackluster, mousy brown. In 2013, I am ready for the big reveal! I'm shedding the platinum blonde and morphing it back to my natural shade (with the help of my hair stylist.) She's introducing some low lights into my style to contrast the platinum color. It's only been a few weeks but I think I'm in love. My hair already feels better and I'm losing less when I brush.

I'm taking a stand against animal-cruelty! Here's a beauty resolution I encourage everyone to take. Stop buying from companies that test their products on animals, I know I am. I was shocked to discover that a major skin care company, (one that I used to work for) had dropped their PETA pledge and renewed their product testing on animals. Granted lipstick on a gibbon may not seem too dangerous, I just don't think it's right. I'm currently working through my vanity table drawers with my laptop to see who's being true to the pledge and who isn't. This is the year I take a stand. I am only recommending and buying products that refuse to be try their wares on helpless animals.

I'd love to hear about your beauty resolutions? Care to share?

Monica is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru who thinks a day without eyeliner is always an ugly one.