Beauty Guru: 3 Beauty Resolutions I Intend to Keep

Bye-bye, 2012! Hello, 2013! A new year is here with new possibilities and the chance to change some things for the better. I have one main goal for 2013 -- I'm going back to my high-maintenance 20s. In order to do that there are three resolutions I have made and intend to keep.

Beauty Prep on the Weekends

In my 20s, I used to have beauty night on either Friday or Saturday (depending on which night I went out) faithfully. I would wash my face carefully with a washcloth and Noxzema. Then I would apply a clay mask and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. I would steam my face to open my pores and rid them of anything else left inside. I would tighten my pores with astringent and apply moisturizer. The first Saturday of 2013, I started this ritual back up again and my skin is happy for it. I can't figure out why I stopped doing this every week.

Color My Nails Regularly

I used to paint my nails at least twice a week. I would give myself at-home hand and foot soaks in warm soapy water. My hands and feet looked fabulous and my nails were always polished and neat. It's time to get back to that. Since I have all of this Essie and Julep nail polish, now I have plenty of fun colors to try. Currently I am wearing Julep nail colors in Donna and Trina. I love the way my nails look now. I don't know why I stopped doing my nails regularly.

Try Different Natural Hairstyles

Since I decided to let my hair grow and stop chopping it off a little over a year ago, I have been in a hairstyle rut. I rely heavily on my go-to twisted hairstyle. While this hairstyle is easy, it is becoming boring. I need to try new hairstyles to liven things up bit. I took the plunge and tried a faux fro-hawk New Years Day. I just flat twisted my hair back at the sides and left the middle free in tight afro curls. I received many compliments on the look. I am going to try something a little different each month. I might even try a little color -- maybe.

These three resolutions are a throwback to my 20s when I used to be kind of high maintenance when it came to beauty. I held a strict beauty regimen that took time but yielded great results. Now I am in my fantastic 30s and I need to go back to some of those ways. So, 2013, look out! This girl is on fire!

What are your beauty resolutions for the New Year? Are there any beauty habits from your younger days you might start up again?

ShawnTe Pierce is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and writes about beauty and fashion for her blog SJP's Fashion Updates as well for Yahoo! Voices, Daily Glow and other places on the web (sounds mysterious doesn't it?). Follow me on Twitter or at Fashion Sense on Facebook.