Beauty Guru: My 3 Easiest and Inexpensive Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

3 Easy, Simple, and Inexpensive Ways Improve Your Skin's Appearance

I was cleaning out my vanity, throwing out the useless and unused beauty product, when I made my first New Year's resolution for 2013. I will stop spending money on products that promise to reduce my pore size. I can thank my Great-Grandmother, an olive-skinned beauty from the Azores and my quarter Cherokee Grandmother whose copper colored skin aged like your favorite leather coat for the size of my pores.

My first resolution naturally led to my second. Find natural inexpensive beauty products that help me make the most of what I do have. I have finally accepted the fact that my pores are larger than someone who has fair skin. I will concentrate on on making my pores less noticeable by making sure the sebaceous glands are not clogged with oil, dirt and debris. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that I have found is a steam facial. My favorite is an inexpensive and easy to follow recipe that I found at Livestrong in an article by herbalist Brigid Rauch.

Before I made my third resolution, I drank diet soda, coffee, and occasionally an imported iced tea from Long Island. I still have a coffee in the morning and an occasional iced tea that now I make with hibiscus and cinnamon but I have replaced soda with water. My third resolution wasn't the easiest but it was the healthiest beauty resolution I have ever made. It is to drink water and hydrate my skin from the inside out.

In my 50s, the skin on my arms was starting to look like rumpled tissue paper. In the matter of weeks my moisturizer seems to be more effective on my arms. I do not have scientific evidence to support my next claim. I did not look for any. It made perfect sense to me that gas and bloat I suffered from in the afternoons disappeared because I stopped carbonating my innards.

I am looking forward to facing 2013 with clean pores regardless of their size, improving the hydration of my skin from head to toe, and I am also looking forward to you sharing your natural and inexpensive products, recipes and journeys to a more beautiful you.