Beauty Guru: 3 Fall Beauty Mistakes to Learn From

It's officially fall, and while I'm still sweating it out to 90-ish degrees here in Phoenix's grand Sonoran Desert, I rest assured knowing that cooler weather is nigh. No matter where you are in the country, the drop in temperatures is likely a relief to you. Still, it comes with a price: dry skin, parched hair, and a sallow complexion.

Sadly, I've fallen prey to the above beauty woes, and I suspect you've done the same. Fear not, though, for I'm here to save the day with three of my very own fall beauty mistakes that I've since learned from.

1. Not Changing My Beauty Routine

We're all guilty of wearing a foundation that doesn't match our skin tone. You'll notice, though, that this problem becomes more prevalent when the seasons change. Rule of thumb: when the season changes, your beauty products should, too.

To begin, the end of summer often signals a waning tan. That means you have paler skin and should therefore wear a paler foundation. Additionally, your facial skin looks more gaunt and sallow in the fall and winter, so don't be afraid to wear both highlighters and bronzers. Shimmery blushes and products and give your face more color/life, so don't shy away from them. I kill two birds with one stone by switching to BECCA's Luminous Skin Color Ultra Sheer Foundation, which makes my skin more glowy.

2. Not Exfoliating Enough

OK, so we all know that moisturizing becomes doubly important during the fall and winter when humidity decreases, but did you know you should also exfoliate more? Yep. I'm guilty of not exfoliating enough during the cooler months, but I've definitely learned my lesson.

My skin looks so much more healthy and radiant after I exfoliate; I can't believe I wasn't more diligent about it before. Rule of thumb: use a gentle exfoliant on your face and a courser exfoliant on the rest of your body twice weekly. I prefer Shinto Clinical Micro Manage Instant Microdermabrasion Cream and Fleur's Rose-Jasmine Body Scrub.

3. Abusing Already Parched Hair

Living in the desert and having naturally thick/course hair makes my locks particularly susceptible to a parched coiffure. The problem, however, becomes exacerbated by the drop in temperature and humidity come fall. Over the years, I've devised a hair regimen that prevents "over parching" my hair. To begin, I only wash once every two days, and, if I can manage, I'll sometimes go as long as four days. A dry shampoo and an updo helps me get through that final day or two.

Not washing as frequently helps accomplish two things. First, it allows my natural oils to remain intact, which makes for healthier, moisturized hair. Second, it cuts down on how many heated styling tools I use in a day.

I recommend reducing the amount you wash hair once you hit fall (this becomes easier because you aren't sweating as much, either) and to reduce how much shampoo you use per hair wash. Additionally, deep condition your hair at least once a week and always use a heat protectant every time you blow dry, straighten or curl.

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Wendy Rose Gould is a Yahoo Shine Beauty Guru who writes about beauty and fashion topics on a daily basis. She believes a woman should never leave the house without fabulous hair and a spritz of her staple perfume. Read more of her stuff here.