Beauty Guru: 3 Former (Embarrassing) Beauty Blunders I've Committed

We're all guilty of beauty mistakes, and I'm sure I have many more to commit in my days left on Earth. With that said, I'm willing to share the embarrassing details of some of my former faux pas. May you learn from them or at least get a laugh out of my prior obliviousness.

Hairspray Overkill

Okay, so I'm a kid of the '90s and for that reason, you shouldn't judge me too harshly for the following confession. I consider the '90s the hangover of the '80s -- a time when fashion and beauty faux pas still ran amok, but when things were, in general, on the up-and-up. With that said, I confess that I went overboard with the hairspray. My go-to hairstyle was hair pulled back so tight in a ponytail that it had my mother concerned for my health. I would coat said-ponytail roughly 1/4 can of hairspray. It was so bad that I made my mother return home once so I could touch up the ol' concrete-head-of-hair. I was emulating the hair "style" (more like a hair sin) that I saw countless models and celebrities wearing in magazines in the mid-to-late '90s. The pulled black, sleek, wet-looking hairstyle gave women an instant facelift, but it was not becoming in any way, especially on my mid-teen self.

Thankfully, I rarely touch hairspray anymore, and when I do, it's the very light, flexible-hold variety that allows my hair to move and sway as it should. Natural hair will never go out of style, ladies, so don't fight your natural texture too much.

Black Eyeliner Everyday

Hear me out. Black eyeliner is A-OK in some instances. Maybe you're doing a smokey eye or going for a '60s mod vibe. With that said, black eyeliner is not always appropriate and, in most cases, should never be worn during the daytime.

I went through a phase -- like many girls/women I knew -- where I wore black eyeliner both day and night without any consideration for my skin coloring or the look I was going for. I just wore it. Sometimes black eyeliner was the only makeup I applied, and I did so on both the bottom and top of my eyes.

Here's the deal, ladies: You should wear eyeliner (and makeup, for that matter) that flatters your complexion. If you're pale, like me, a medium brown eyeliner is far superior (and far more flattering) than a dark-as-night black. Black tends to look severe and can age, you as well. And while I'm giving advice, note that black eyeliner on both the top and bottom of your eyes makes them look smaller, usually the opposite effect any woman wants to achieve when doing her makeup.

Washed Out Lips

There's a time and a place for nude lips, but that time and place is far and few between. Every woman -- and I do mean every woman -- looks healthier, happier, and prettier when a little color on her lips. I say that endearingly, for I am guilty of the washed out lips epidemic that made me look exhausted and near-sickly. Worse yet, I would sometimes fail to wipe off foundation that got on my lips when applying my face, making me look even more washed out.

I didn't realize this was seriously affecting the way I look until someone commented on it (how embarrassing!). This woman told me, in a way that was kind and not so obvious, that I should apply a little lipstick so I looked "more alert." Her criticism was welcome, as she was coaching me for an upcoming performance, but it made me change the way I do my makeup every day.

Like I said, nude lips look great when done well. They're typically paired with flushed cheeks and dramatic eyes. A lack of makeup plus pale lips, though, is what you wear to the office the day after you called in "sick." Throw a little tinted lip balm on those puckers, girls, and you'll instantly go from "just woke up" to "just worked out and had a shot of wheat grass."

So now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself, I urge you to make fun of me some more in the comments below. Or, if you're feeling brave, share some of your beauty mishaps to make me feel better about my own.

Wendy Rose Gould is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and writes about beauty and fashion topics on a daily basis. She believes a woman should never leave the house without fabulous hair and a spritz of her staple perfume. Follow Wendy on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.