Beauty Guru: 3 Necessary New Year's Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year! Have you made any New Year's resolutions? How about beauty resolutions? Oh, trust me, I've made a few beauty resolutions this year. Maybe I should consider them more than just resolutions. Maybe I should consider them as required community beauty service. If I'm not careful, I may end up on beauty parole for neglecting a few important things over the busy past year. And as a cosmetologist, I'm surprised at myself for letting these things go for as long as I have. But not anymore, I've turned over a new beauty leaf and I'm being beauty rehabilitated! Here are my very important, New Year's beauty resolutions!

I will get waxed more often. I have every intention of taking care of my eyebrows and other rather unmentionable facial hair. After all, it would never do for a lady to be seen in public with a wayward whisker, would it? Oh, I pluck regularly to keep those caterpillars largely under control, but really, nothing looks as clean or as neat as a good waxing. So I resolve to make regular appointments for myself at the beauty salon for a good, clean facial and eyebrow wax.

To be perfectly honest, I tell my clients not to pluck in between waxes, because otherwise you run the risk of leaving tiny little hairs behind that are too short for the wax to grab. And even us pros can get a little bit tweeze happy when we're in a hurry, leaving lopsided brows or bare spots (yes, I am guilty as charged!). So rather than taking matters into my own hands all the time, I will make time in my schedule to have my stylist friends care for my unwanted hair. Every two to three weeks is optimal for waxing visits, and to keep me looking far more beautiful and hair free.

I will take better care of my nails. With hands constantly in water, and not a lot of time for myself, my nails are looking rather ragged. Both as a stylist and as a pianist, my hands are always in view, so I know that I really need to give them the TLC that they deserve. My second beauty resolution is to file my nails weekly, keeping them at a short, feminine length, squoval, of course. I will remove stains and hair dye promptly, and keep a clear coat or even a fresh coat of polish on my nails so they look professional and attractive.

I will clean out my makeup bag. The scariest beauty indiscretion of all is that committed in my makeup bag. It is a plethora of poured out powder, a mixed bag of shadows and shine reducers, and generally just a big old mess. I resolve to clean out all of the makeup items that I no longer need to carry around, to dispose of the things that are old, gross, or ugly, and to put only my beauty necessities in a clean, accessible bag. This will help my makeup stay clean, safe, and easier to use when I actually need it.

Hopefully these beauty resolutions will help keep me off of beauty parole. Do you need to make any beauty resolutions? If so, what will you change this year? Have you started yet?

Amanda Furbeck is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, cosmetologist, and blogger at Read more of Amanda's articles at Yahoo! Shine.