Beauty Guru: 3 Quick Beauty Fixes

Lately, it seems that all I've been is "on the go." Whether it's an early morning call time, running errands through lunch, or getting all the way home at the end of a long day only to realize that I've forgotten to pick up that one item needed at the crack of dawn the next morning. Regardless of what the day brings, my clients count on me to be prepared. Below are three quick and easy beauty fixes used on my latest blunders.

Before and after Outgrown eyebrows: When I'm too busy to see my eyebrow artist, I use this trick as a camouflaging agent to hide outgrown hair. Using my cream foundations usually a shade or two lighter along with a slim brow, lip or foundation brush, I trace below (and sometimes above) my brows with the foundation right atop the excess hair. I then use a Q-tip or my finger to blend the foundation outward. This is an actually sculpting technique used by many makeup artists to highlight the brows and brow bone. For an added bonus, I use my eyeliner or matching lip liner to fill in the brows before blending out the foundation. Applying it this way allows me to multi-task products and creates an exact outline of the brow.

Use the car lighter to soften eyeliner. Dry eyeliner: My favorite eyeliner (Ultra Luxury Dark Brown by Avon) has been stepped on, used as crayon, left inside a hot car, and drowned inside the washing machine; so it's safe to say that this little gem has taken a beating. During the times when this now two inch pencil appears to get dried out, instead of casting it away to makeup heaven, I simply set fire to it. If I'm applying my makeup in the car, the built in lighter is my biggest asset. At home, a few seconds over a stove works wonders. Barely touching the pencil to the heat moistens the tip enough for it to glide across my eyes like butter without stretching or scarring my skin.

Fix chipped polish with some bling. Chipped polish: So, it's hump day at 6 a.m. You open your eyes, and before you can get out of bed, you begin to visualize the 500 things you must accomplish before returning home. When exactly will you find time for that relaxing pedicure or much needed manicure? Well, no need to panic. When life gets the best of me, I get creative. After my morning shower, I give myself a good moisturizing rub, then apply one of my favorite bold, glittery nail polishes right over that funky, chipped polish. The trick to hotness is strategically applying it to mask or blend in with the cracked polish.

What's a great camo polish you think I should try?