Beauty Guru: 3 summer beauty mistakes (And how not to make them!)

The summer is in full force and we ladies get super excited to try the latest beauty trend or hair do. Sometimes we look fantastic with our new looks as we party pool side or lay out on the sands. Other times, things can go completely wrong despite our best intentions. That's what my beauty gurus and I are talking about for this month's assignment. Here are my three summer beauty mistakes (and the hard lessons I learned.)

A highlighting kit gone wrong. When I moved into my first apartment, my new sense of independence made me go out on a limb and highlight my hair for the first time. I bought a kit from Garnier Fructisse and decided to give myself honey brown highlights. I started in the back and followed the instructions to a T. Unfortunately I didn't realize how porous my hair is and didn't know how quickly it took color. In the end, I had a couple of blonde streaks going on instead of brown! Not only did it take forever to grow out but it did a number on my hair, taking almost a year to get it back to a healthy state.

Lesson to be learned: Leave the highlighting to the pros, especially if you've never done it before. If a color goes wrong, they are better equipped to correct it than you are!

Spending the day at the beach without sunscreen. Even the best of us break the golden rule of heading out to the beach without protecting our skin, no matter how dark you are. One fourth of July weekend, I spent the entire day at the beach with my family. When I got home and into the shower my skin was burning and a week later, it was peeling like crazy! Yes, even a dark skinned girl like me gets sunburn.

Lesson to be learned: Slather on the sunscreen ladies! Even dark skinned beauties need to be protected.

Straightening my curls in the humidity capital of the world. Summer in Florida started very early this year and back in April I had the great idea of straightening my curls. I wanted to surprise my husband for our anniversary. So I got up early, washed and conditioned my hair, blew it out, and spent over an hour meticulously pressing my hair. It looked awesome for the first twenty minutes and as soon as we stepped outside, it turned into the ultimate frizz ball. After wrapping and applying every frizz control product I owned, it still looked crazy and I ended up wetting my hair to get my curls back.

Lesson to be learned. Keep it easy and simple when it comes to your hair. And if you're a curly girl like me, embrace those curls and save yourself the time (and the heartache!)

What are some beauty mistakes you've made during the summer?

MJ is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty and Guru and a beauty/fashion blogger for Fierce, a beauty and fashion blog.