Beauty Guru: 4 Amazing Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is just around the corner and that's great news. During the summer, there are so many more places to go, including the beach, festivals, barbecues and amusement parks. If you want to look your best, you have to change up your makeup routine a little bit. The heat and humidity can make your skin so oily, which can cause your makeup to melt off. Here are four amazing summer makeup tips you should follow.

Wear a Foundation Primer

Wearing a primer under your foundation becomes even more important in the summer. A good foundation primer will prevent your foundation from melting off in the heat. All you have to do is apply the foundation primer all over your skin before your put on your foundation. I like to use Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer because it feels so smooth and prevents your foundation from coming off.

Choose a Powder Foundation

It's time to put away that creamy foundation and opt for a powder one. A powder foundation will not feel heavy on your skin and will help absorb oil better. I absolutely love using Bare Minerals Foundation in the summer because it feels so light.

Get That Bronzer Out

Give yourself a natural looking glow by applying some bronzer to your skin. Applying bronzer along your cheekbones, across your forehead and down your nose will help your skin look naturally sun-kissed. Physician's Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in 'Light Bronze' is a great bronzer to try. It has a little bit of shimmer but will look very natural on your skin.

Keep Your Eye Shadow Bright With Primer

If you want to keep your eye shadow looking vibrant this summer, you have to use an eye shadow primer. A good eye shadow primer will also prevent your eye shadow from creasing in hot weather. MAC Paint Pot in 'Painterly' is one of the best primers I have used because it makes your eye shadow pop so much.

Following these great tips will keep your makeup looking fresh and beautiful this summer.

Katya Gordeeva is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and loves anything related to makeup and beauty. She has written dozens of articles about makeup, skincare and hair care that have been published online.