Beauty Guru: 4 Beauty Mistakes I Made as a Teen

I started getting interested in all things beauty when I was just 13 years old. I went through my mom's makeup drawer until she finally caved in and bought me some of my own makeup products. Even though I was the first one of my friends to wear makeup and probably thought I was really good at it, I actually wasn't that skilled. In fact, I made quite a few beauty and makeup mistakes as a teen that I wish I wouldn't have.

Over-Tweezing My Eyebrows

Like most other teen girls, I made the mistake of over-tweezing my eyebrows. As soon as I got a hold of a tweezer, I just went tweezer happy. My eyebrows were so thin that you could barely see them, but I somehow thought they still looked good. Looking back at old photos of myself, I realized how much they made my eyes look smaller. I remember how my mom used to tell me how thin and sparse my eyebrows looked, but I never believed her until now.

Applying Eye shadow With Sponge Tip Applicators

Ah, the dreaded sponge tip applicators! I can't believe I actually used to use these things to apply my eye shadow back in the day. It was before I discovered makeup brushes and how well they worked. When I look back at old pictures, I notice how unblended my eye shadow looked. After I found out about professional makeup brushes when I was 18, I have never gone back to using sponge tip applicators.

Not Wearing Foundation

I rarely wore foundation when I was a teen; I just didn't feel a need to. Even though I didn't suffer from acne, I still could have used some foundation to even out my skin tone and cover up redness. Now, I make sure to apply foundation to my skin almost every day so that my complexion looks flawless.

Dying My Hair Bright Red

I dyed my hair a bright red shade a few times when I was a teen. Even though it was a really pretty and vibrant color, it just didn't look right on my skin tone. It looked too unnatural and made my complexion look really pale. I definitely stick to more natural looking hair colors now.

What beauty mistakes did you make when you were a teen?

Katya Gordeeva is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and loves anything related to makeup and beauty. She has written dozens of articles about makeup, skincare and hair care that have been published online.