Beauty Guru: 4 Quick Beauty Disaster Fixes for the Holiday Traveler

Hear that sound? No, not the holiday carolers! It's the anguished groaning of the seasonal traveler who has discovered her beauty supplies didn't survive the trip. Well, at least not in one piece. Perhaps your must-have products did make it but you walk off the plane looking like you slept in the luggage compartment. Is there help for the holiday traveler who wants to disembark fresh-faced? Absolutely! Tackle these four common beauty disasters like a pro!

The battle for beauty begins while you pack; choose wisely. Lost luggage does happen, so don't pack your $150 curling iron with the swanky, motorized barrel unless you're prepared to replace it. Prepare those beauty supplies for the inevitable jostling and bumping that accompanies traveling in a suitcase.

Coping with crushed eyeshadow: You finally reach the hotel room or Aunt Linda's guest room and unzip your toiletry bag. That silver powder eyeshadow that you just had to bring has unleashed its shimmery magic all over your goodies (someone forgot to tuck the eyeshadow in a zippered bag). What can you do? Reach for the baby wipes! You'll sterilize and clean without leaving Aunt Linda's guest bathroom towels permanently stained. Next time, leave the shadow at home. Stick with eyeliner and mascara.

Fixing broken lipstick: You stretched the holiday beauty budget a bit tighter to spring for a pretty, but pricy lipstick. One quick swipe and you've done the unthinkable - broken your tres chic red lipstick! Is the garbage the only solution to this beauty problem? Nope! First, use a match or lighter to slightly melt the top of the lipstick left in the tube. While the product is still warm, reattach the broken lipstick. With the flame, seal the lipstick back together, then place the lipstick upright in a refrigerator or freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour. All you have to do is smooth out the lumps with a tissue and you're ready to reapply.

Freshen those eyes: You've made it to your destination, Thanksgiving turkey, here we come! But, you feel exhausted and your eyes can testify! Don't forget to pack some eye drops in your carry-on. A few drops in each eye will banish redness and soothe tired eyes.

Take reliable products: One of the gals at the office drew your name for the gift exchange. You got a delicious-smelling basket of bath goodies that you brought with you. The bad news? After a long hot soak with those luxurious products, you discover you've had an allergic reaction. Don't try new skin care or makeup products during a holiday trip. Go with what you know works.

There's no way to predict what beauty mishaps will occur during your holiday travels, but just knowing how to handle these four common hiccups can help.

What packing or beauty fix advice do you have for the holiday traveler?

Monica is a Shine Beauty Guru who recently fell in love with a motorized curling iron. When she's not practicing the perfect spiral curl, you'll find her teaching skin care and makeup artistry at her local community center.