Beauty Guru: 5 Flawless Transition Tricks for Summer to Fall

Every night and morning now, the air is a bit crisp and cool. We are transitioning now from summer to fall, and with this transition, our beauty routines are a changing. Instead of worrying about our makeup sliding down our face from the heat, we are beginning to worrying about putting moisture back into our skin. Instead of the natural glow the sun provides, will we need to add a bronzer? The five tips below offer suggestions on how to flawlessly transition your summer look into fall.

Slather it On: Moisturizer Comes Back On in Full Force

As the air is losing the humidity it once held, adding it back into our skin is a priority. The air is not as supple and moist as it once was, denying our skin any of the benefit from it. Use Kiehl's UIltra Facial Cream for a soft, yet not overly thick, addition to your daily routine after your face wash. Kiel's hits the nail on the head when designing a product perfect for all skin types. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is light enough for oily skin and tough enough to take care of the needs of overly dry skin. It will never clog your pores either.

Forget the Standard Fall Eye: Kick Smokey to the Curb

Every fall, fashion magazines pray to the smoky eye club. "It's the newest look for fall." As an avid reader of fashion and beauty magazines for years, it is not new and there is no new way to apply it. Why not try a really new thought for fall eyes: The Easy Eye. Forget eye shadow all together; just apply your standard pressed powder to your lid. Forget about eyeliner, liquid or pencil. Run one think coat of mascara onto your lashes and call it a day.

Keep Your Glow: Bronzer is Your Best Friend

I am a pale girl. Pale girls can get pasty-looking quickly when the sun doesn't shine a little on our face. Bronzer is our life saver. After a quick sweep of that pressed powder you used for your eyes and face, using a large, poufy makeup brush apply bronzer to your cheeks, chin and forehead. Forget getting near your under eyes unless you have time to go back and fix a mistake. Bronzer can be your best friend, but not underneath your eyes on the delicate skin. You might wind up looking as if someone punched you. Ouch!

Kiss My Cheeks: Blush Can Be Blushing

Rosy glows are a perfect way to show your shining personality. A reddish blush will keep your smile bright and tight. Avoid the pink and orange blushes at this point. Apply just to the apples of your cheeks.

Lose the War Paint: Look Natural

Wearing a lot of makeup on the internet, for pictures, or for a night out is perfectly fine but in real life? Lose the war paint. Less is more and at this point who is trying to emulate Miley Cyrus? Natural hair, makeup and nails shouldn't be frightening. Let's keep makeup for fall 2013 crisp and clean, just like the air it breathes.

Leigh Ann Fisher is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, former kitchen designer, mom of three girls, wife for 12 years, Weather Channel addict, recipe hound, lover of all things pretty and believer of trying new things!