Beauty Guru: 5 Minutes to Younger Looking Eyes

Want younger looking eyes without surgery? You can't totally eradicate the signs of aging without taking drastic measures, but you can erase a few of those tell-tale signs with makeup. If you have five minutes and a few beauty tools, you can make eyes look brighter, larger, and younger. Keep in mind that the skin around the eye loses elasticity over time so avoid handling gentle eye skin too much with your fingers. If you prefer using your fingers, use the ring and pinky finger instead of your pointer and middle fingers.

Yellow concealer hides a number of flaws.Yellow concealer: One of the seven signs of aging is uneven skin tone. As you get older, you may notice dark areas in the corners of your eyes or under them. I have light olive skin tones so yellow concealer works best for me for hiding these areas. A yellow shade also works on red and pink spots too. Dab concealer onto the clean, moisturized skin around your eye. Don't worry about blending it in; your makeup will hide it.

Cream-to-powder makeup: Cover the eye skin with a cream-to-powder makeup. I like to use a clean, damp sponge to get good, even coverage. Press the sponge on the makeup then press it on the lid and around the eye. Blend the makeup in using a gentle touch; don't press down or pull on the eye skin. Allow the makeup to set, about 30 seconds.

Nude liquid eyeshadow: For added moisture, I prefer to use liquid eyeshadow instead of powder which can settle in my tiny lines. I squirt a dot of eyeshadow on the pad of my ring finger than tap it on the lower lid. Sometimes, I brush it on with a small makeup brush. The nude, skin-toned look fakes a youthful glow and evens out any subtle changes in your coloring.

Stock up on white eye makeup pencils.White makeup pencil: This little tool is the secret to younger looking eyes, at least for me. It's hard to find a white makeup pencil, so you may have to order one online or visit a department store to purchase one. I dot the eye with the pencil, right under the eyebrow arch to give the illusion of lift. With the pinky finger, I blend the dot slightly. Then I use the white pencil to line the inner eye to make eyes stand out. Last, I line under the bottom lid with the white makeup pencil to make eyes look younger. If you have dark skin, (lucky girl!) try a light brown eye shadow pencil instead of a white makeup pencil.

Leaving the bottom lashes unlined contributes to this younger looking style.Finishing touches: Just a few more steps and you've got this five-minute look complete. Line the top of the lashes only with black eyeliner pencil. Don't line the bottom. Give the end of your lash line a bit of lift with the black eyeliner for a touch of Hollywood glamor. Tip the lashes with mascara, both top and bottom, and you're ready for the day.

All you need is five minutes to get a pretty, perky eye look!

Monica is a Beauty Guru who has an ever growing collection of red lipsticks and glosses. You can follow her on Twitter @vixenwithapen.