Beauty Guru: 5 Ways to Save Money on Beauty Products

The economy is on the upswing, but that doesn't mean I don't like saving money. In fact, scoring good deals and getting the most bang for my buck are two of my favorite pastimes. Unfortunately, saving money when it comes to beauty products isn't always the easiest thing to do. A decent foundation can run you upwards of $50 and even drugstore eyeliners or lipsticks hover around $10.

Admittedly, bath/beauty/body products are one of my splurges, but I have definitely figured out ways to save money on my purchases.

#1 Keep Products Clean and Organized

It may seem beside the point, but I assure you that keeping your products clean and organized is key in saving money. By regularly washing your brushes and wiping down the exterior of products, they'll have a longer shelf life.

#2 Look for Dupes

If there's a product you've been coveting, but can't stomach the cost, Google "XYZ Product + Dupe" and let the World Wide Web help you out. A lot of beauty bloggers are constantly on the prowl for lookalikes (or dupes/duplicates) of high end products by low to mid end companies. Sometimes the products are so identical, you can't even tell the difference (except for a drop in price)!

For example, pictured are two recent MAC dupes I purchased by Rimmel London. The lip liner is Rimmel London's 1000 Kisses lip liner in Tiramisu (a dupe for MAC lipliner in Spice) and Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight (a dupe for MAC Blankety).

#3 Use Products to the Last Drop

You'd be surprised at how much product is still inside a container, even when you think it's empty. For example, squeeze tube foundations or lotions can be cut open and then stored in airtight containers. Eye shadows or blushes that appear to have hit the pan may also have one or two more applications left, as well.

#4 Buy Palettes

Unless you find yourself reaching for the same eyeshadow, blush or bronzer over and over again, a palette is a great way to save money. For example, an Urban Decay palette with 6 shadows costs roughly $35, but buying those 6 shadows individually would run you $100. It's less shadow per pan, yes, but I seldom run out of colors in my palettes.

#5 Ask for Samples

One of my biggest pet peeves is buying a product and then never using it again. Maybe the product made me break out, maybe the color looked bad against my skin, or maybe the scent gave me a headache. I find that samples help prevent this a lot. You can get samples of perfumes quite easily, and you'd be surprised at how many companies will provide small samples of other products, as well. Explain that you'd like to try before buying -- the worst they can say is no. Email, social media, over-the-counter and even phone calls work.

What about you? I'd love to hear your tips for saving money on beauty products! Please share them in the comment section below!

Wendy Rose Gould is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru who writes about beauty and fashion topics on a daily basis. She believes a woman should never leave the house without fabulous hair and a spritz of her staple perfume. Read more of her stuff here.