Beauty Guru: 6 Beauty Tricks to Fix Messed Up Eyeliner, Cakey Lipstick, and Glitter Gone Wild

We all make beauty blunders -- even pros. It's just part of the makeup game. When faced with a mistake, even if it seems irreparable, fear not. Instead, keep calm, use your wits, and reach for items around you to turn that beauty mess-up into a compliment-worthy finished product!

Messed Up Eyeliner
Few things are more frustrating than applying your liquid eyeliner cat eye after 30 minutes of prepping in front of the mirror only to get it all wrong. Take it from someone who's been there a million times: starting all over is seldom the preferred choice, especially if you're running low on time.

Trick number 1: Apply your liquid eyeliner first. That includes the little flick for your cat eye. Once you've applied the rest of your eye makeup, go back over your original line. Tracing something you've already perfected is much easier than getting it right on the first go (that's a lot of pressure, anyway).

Trick number 2: Dip a cotton swab into makeup remover and gently rub/roll it over the messed up area. This is gentler on your eyes and far more effective than simple water.

Glitter Galore
Ugh… I love glittery eye shadows with all my heart. The only problem is that if you're not careful, you end up with glitter under your eyes, on your cheek, on your forehead… everywhere! Unless you're heading to a rave, that's not a good look.

Trick number 1: Hold a piece of Kleenex or toilet paper underneath your eye (just at the lower lash line) when applying your glitter eyeshadow. The tissue will catch the glitter that falls down.

Trick number 2: Use a piece of regular, old scotch tape wrapped around your finger and gently pat under your eye. This will pick up any excess glitter!

Cakey Lipstick
If your lips are really dry, adding lipstick just makes the whole situation worse. Not only do you see lots of little pieces of skin and cracks, but also the lipstick applies unevenly and doesn't look very good. If you're battling chapped lips, but must rock some Ruby Woo, fear not.

Trick number 1: Before you even begin applying any makeup, use a lip exfoliant to scrub away dead skin on your lips. You can just mix one part sugar and one part olive or coconut oil for this. I like to apply a little bit of scrub and massage it into my lips by pressing/mashing them together. A cotton swab rubbed back and forth also does wonders. Both of these actions will remove dead skin and product buildup.

Trick number 2: Also before applying any other makeup, apply a lip balm or moisturizer to your lips. Leave it there for the entire makeup application process. As you apply makeup, your lips will soak up moisture and be ready for some lipstick action!

Wendy Rose Gould is a Yahoo Shine Beauty Guru who writes about beauty and fashion topics on a daily basis. She believes a woman should never leave the house without fabulous hair and a spritz of her staple perfume. Read more of her stuff here.