Beauty Guru: My Beautiful Icons

Waiting in line at the store, I often glance over the magazine racks. I am overwhelmed by the beautiful women on the covers. Flawless skin. Flawless hair. And while I swoon over most everybody, I only purchase one when my lady crushes grace the cover.

Let's start with the vintage.

I have a thing for vintage bombshells. I don't like the term "real women" because we're all "real," right? But I do prefer a certain thickness in a woman. I am drawn to sultry, smooth curves. And a general sex appeal that can only be found with Brigitte Bardot.

I first came across her on Pinterest. I was eagerly researching 70s fringe. Turns out, she was everywhere. And for good reason, too. Her thick, boisterous hair is perfectly messy. And those bangs! I am ever envious of how they fall around her face in each photo; curls dropping forward around her soft jawline.

I take 80% of my style direction from this lady. In photos, she usually slightly opens her mouth to reveal a sneak at those pearly whites, which contrast heavenly with her soft pink or red lips. Her gaze is slightly dimmed by her heavy eyelashes. Oh her eye make-up: that perfect cat eye! This is why I often only use liquid black eyeliner and do a thick swoop on my upper lid. Thanks to this woman, it's truly all I need.

Following her wake, I blow dry my bangs forward. Uncurled, my bangs lay about 1/2 inches below my eyes. Then I tuck my hair behind my ears leaving out the fringe and the face-framing bits. I'll use my straighter to make one, big downward curl. Once I brush that out, I get perfect Bardot Bangs!

And in vintage bombshell fashion comes my next lady crush. The woman that I believe is hands down drop dead gorgeous: Christina Hendricks.

Va-va-voom is the first thought that came to mind when I first saw her on "Mad Men." 'Dat waist! 'Dat hair! And holy criminey, those boobs! Excuse me while I fan myself over here.

She is all woman, no joke. You go, girl. So, I tend to gravitate towards her because I can relate. I'm fairly well off in the breast category, and it wasn't until recently that I've became comfortable with my girls. Like she says, you must be confident with the body you were given!

And let's face it, beautiful, red-headed women are the unicorn of the beauty world. I, myself, will be doing everything in my power to have Ariel-red hair soon. Something about her red, thick waves gives off a fiery passion. I want that passion. I want that passion bad.

But sometimes I want something a little sweeter, a lady who can be sultry, but is usually just precious.

A woman who has made the term "a-dork-able" a reality: Zooey Deschanel.

At the risk of sounding like a mad hipster, I've loved this woman since the She & Him days. Her singing voice drew me in like a moth to a flame. She's rebooted vintage style for women every where, proving that peter pan collars are sexy.

All of my life I've been the "cute" one. Although, I've dreamed of being a sultry vixen, I'm far too awkward for it. Because of Zooey, I can be an uncomfortable goof, but still be beautiful. And that is exactly what is so beautiful about her. She has a personality, at least for me, that is the every woman. I swear, her show, "New Girl," is my life. Like, that's me on TV. I'm still waiting for my acceptance speech "thank you," Zooey.

Her signature bangs are always lovely. She rocks the bold lipsticks and perfectly blushed cheekbones. And her hair is always so voluminous. Seriously, no one ever told me that you can have real-life Disney hair.

Perhaps I've come across a little more swooney than I should have. Although, I think there's nothing wrong with lady crushes. Having a beauty icon is like having a role model for your body. Didn't they tell us in school that we need role models? Busty, sexy role models?

Yeah, I thought so.

Who is your beauty icon?

Megan Colwell has been a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru since 2009. She enjoys experimenting with make-up and hair techniques. In her spare time, she runs a blog called The Nautical Owl that focuses on thrifted fashion and artwork. Follow along on Facebook or Twitter!