Beauty Guru: What Beauty Is to Me

Beauty is not being afraid of how you may appear to others but knowing you count. I read once to believe yourself to be beautiful and you will be. When I read this I was much younger and as a dare decided to try this idea out for awhile. Wow! It was the best advice I ever read and followed through with. This knowledge has helped me through more bad days than I can count. If you believe in your beauty, you give yourself the power not allowing anyone to take your crown. Tell yourself every morning when you are brushing your teeth, "I am beautiful." See what happens and let me know, will you?

Beauty is a smile. Slap it on everyday and especially those days when you feel down the most. Smiling for some reason tricks your mind into thinking you are happy, and who doesn't like to be happy? Happiness on your face shines through and radiates your skin. Smiling is contagious, too. Try it out. The next time you are in a public space and you see a grumpy person, smile. Notice how a sullen look can make someone not as attractive as one who puts on a happy face. Watch as they smile back at you and how their face begins to radiate. Doesn't that make you feel better making someone else feel better?

Beauty is bringing happiness into the world. When we think of things in our world that are ugly, what do we think of? Many times we think of people that are not nice and do terrible things to others. Now think of what is beautiful? Many times we think of people who bring about a smile in a terrible time or those who make us laugh. Those people who spend their days on this earth making a difference in people's lives for the better are the beautiful ones. No one who hurts others has ever been described as beautiful.

Beauty is letting go of hate of ourselves. We all have days our skin breaks out. We all have days our hair frizzes and won't lie down. We all have days our skin is pasty and uneven. We all have days when we look in the mirror and just feel ugly. If you decide to believe in your beauty on these days and these are the days you should believe in yourself the most, your beauty will shine through. Stop hating and begin to love. To me, this is where beauty begins.

Leigh Ann Fisher is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, Former Kitchen Designer, Mom of Three Girls, Wife of 12 years, Weather Watcher, Recipe Addict and Lover of All Things Pretty!