Beauty Guru: Beauty Advice for the 16-Year-Old Me

In 1985, I was playing Billy Idol as loudly as possible in my beat-up Datsun, abusing the ozone with a generous hairspray addiction and wearing the most eye shadow humanly possible. I was no punk rocker, just a girl with a dream, to be the Queen of Makeup. Today, I have a family. No girls, just boys, but I often think about what advice I would pass on to my daughters. Since that's not going to happen, I sometimes wonder what beauty advice I would offer the 16-year-old me. Here are a few things I'd probably mention.

Cut the base in half. You have gorgeous skin and never have pimples. Enjoy it! Instead of slathering on that medicinal-smelling liquid base, wear powder. Flaunt that skin before it begins to sag.

Stop burning the eyeliner before you roll it on, copiously. Who, besides me, remembers the wooden, red eyeliner pencil that you sharpened and burned with a lighter in the girls' bathroom? Melting the eyeliner slightly gave the liner a positively black color. To the 16-year-old me I say, "Stop it!" Years later you have to wear glasses and you'll have to deal with that nagging voice that says, "Yep, one too many hot eyeliner applications." Also, don't share eyeliner. There is something gross called pink eye that makes your eyes gunky and itchy.

The world won't end if you don't wear four eyeshadows. Honestly girl, sometimes less is more. No one is even going to notice that you only wore two eyeshadow colors. Stop freaking out about the eyeshadow.

Believe it or not, big hair will go out of style. Enjoy it while you can.

Lay off the perms. Your hair gets thin later. Those bi-monthly perms are going to take a toll on your hair. Enough with the perms!

Go easy on Mom. I know, she's unmovable on the subject of makeup but you two will fight way too much over your makeup collection. Ease up on the makeup, or at least consider implementing it slowly into your life. Once she sees you can wear makeup without looking like Blondie or Cyndi Lauper, she'll be okay.

Another thing you should know, 16-year-old Me, Mom has issues that you don't understand or appreciate yet. Sometimes, she does know what she's talking about and she won't be around forever. Have you ever thought of asking her for a makeup lesson?

Monica is a Yahoo! Beauty Guru who spent several summers touring with a dance company. Besides theater makeup and makeup artistry, this Guru frequently shares her skin care advice with women around the world. You can follow Monica on Twitter @vixenwithapen.