Beauty Guru: My Beauty Resolutions for 2013

The New Year is in full swing and many of us are getting into our resolutions with full force (let's hope we can keep it that way when February comes around!). In the spirit of new beginnings, my beauty guru post this month is about my beauty resolutions. I've had all sorts of beauty goals in years past, from giving every color eyeshadow a try to making a commitment to healthy hair. This year is all about stepping up my game and really doing all those beauty things I've neglected to do.

Give My Curls Some Color

I spent the last 2 ½ years nursing my hair back to health after relaxing and frying it to death. Now I have the long, full hair I've always wanted so this year it's time to have some fun! Besides a few highlights (which were a disaster!) coloring my hair wasn't something I did, even before my curly days. I'm not sure if I want to go the highlight route again (throwing in some honey brown tips) or get really bold and color it all. Some colors I'm considering are lighter shades of brown or deep burgundy. Either way, I'm going to be a good girl and have a professional do it!

Show My Feet Some More Love

There was a time where I was at the nail salon every three weeks for a much needed foot massage and some pretty toes. Between work and getting pregnant, I fell way off the pedi train and I miss them! I feel like a million bucks when I have nicely painted toes. Besides, I live in a state where open toe shoes are the norm 365 days a year so my feet have to be on point. So, as hard as it is to get away from my new baby, I'm going back to my salon dates, relax in the comfy massage chairs, and keep my toes pretty!

Try Applying Shadow to my Lower Lash Line

This may sound a little strange, but adding color under my eyes was something I shied away from. Before I started blogging three years ago, I was a makeup novice and just stuck to the basics, afraid of looking like a clown or a raccoon. Now I'm a lot more confident and want to amp up my beauty looks by having fun with color and eyeliner. I may step into my neighborhood Sephora and have one of their consultants help me out on this one!

What about you? What are your beauty resolutions?

MJ is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty and Guru, a style blogger for Fierce, a freelance writer, and a brand new mom.