Beauty Guru: Beauty resolutions for 2013

Going deeper into beauty this year

As we begin a new year, one that carries an amazing vibe of opportunity, the beauty resolutions of the past seem minor compared to the big picture. Beauty is a multifaceted word. It can mean what we wear, how we style our person, or the deeper keynotes of living our life to the fullest. No one knows what the future holds but as we move forward collectively and individually, it is time to take beauty to a different level...a deeper level. With that in mind, here are some suggested beauty resolutions for your 2013.

Step Out Of Your Beauty Comfort Zone

Occasionally people get stuck in a rut. This could be physically with the daily routines, or it could be emotionally feeling stuck. If that sounds like you, this is a perfect beauty resolution for 2013. Try a new trend, a new haircut, new colors in your wardrobe, or eyeshadows that you would normally not be so bold to try. If there is something in the past year you want to forget, try chopping off your hair and getting a cute bob. This is a great way to try out the 'New Year, New You' concept.

For some, deviating from their tried and true makeup/hairstyle/wardrobe collection is difficult. For others, it's a cinch. Either way, take it to the next level of actually stepping out of your comfort zone - buy a pair of skinny jeans (for those of you who are still stubbornly holding out), get some green eyeliner, put a few crimped 1/8 sections in your hair -all for the sake of trying something new. It can be very symbolic, perhaps pushing you in the direction of other new things this year that have nothing to do with appearance.

Pay Less Attention.

Paying attention to beauty trends can help us stay in style. But try not to pay too much attention. Lady Gaga is a perfect example. She sets her own trends. See something you like? Try it out. Don't wait for someone else to try it first, whether it's makeup, hair, or clothing. Just be confident and whimsical and fancy free this year. Pay less attention to what others are doing, especially if it doesn't allow you to be you; the result of paying too close attention to what others are doing may very well be that you will miss the positive opportunities for you to shine.

'To Thine Own Self Be True' -Shakespeare

These words couldn't be more real than now. Focus on your inner self. Focus on who you like to be around and giving up those who don't bring out the beautiful in you. Real beauty lies in how one feels and grows from the inside. Our makeup & wardrobe just accentuate that, help to personalize that, and bring our 'own self' to the surface where others can see it. Here's to a confident and successful 2013, filled with color, bold confidence, and doing your own thing!

Once you've got your bold and confident hat on, here are some other daily resolutions to consider:

What are your resolutions for 2013? In what ways do you make your inner beauty come out? Tell us in the comments below!

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