Beauty Guru: My Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Hey 2014!

It's another year and another opportunity for a fresh start. When it comes to the beauty side of things, this year will be about spending more time on me. Anyone who's a mom will tell you that your needs can take a permanent backseat when a child comes into your life. But now that my little girl has hit the one year mark and I'm over the first time mommy worries (well…almost!), I can take some time out to pamper myself. I've gotten very comfortable and I need to get my beauty life back in order! So, here's what I resolve to do for 2014:

Dust off and use the cosmetics I haven't used in awhile
Those times when I actually get to put makeup on, I've get super lazy. I immediately go to the same products time and time again, pushing a lot of my other makeup goodies to the back of the drawer. This year I'm going to dust them off and work them into my beauty rotation. Just the other day I found concealer that I absolutely loved to wear and I fell in love with it all over again. I also want to avoid buying makeup I already have. I want to save that money for other things (like resolution #2!)

Treat myself to a beauty splurge or two
Being a staying at home mom and running a business equals living on a serious budget. Last year I didn't know what to expect financially, so I kept a tight leash on my wallet. I'm blessed to say my family came out of 2013 just fine so this year I want to treat myself a little more. Now I'm not talking about expensive massages or salon visits (though I wouldn't mind either one!). But I do want to venture out to the department store makeup counters or the M.A.C store and splurge on a makeup item or two.

Focus on my hair health
My curly strands have been doing more breaking than growing. My routine doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to so it's time to make adjustments. I already incorporated weekly deep conditioning treatments to help my hair retain moisture while scheduling protein pre-treatments once a month for added strength. I'm also starting to realize that throwing product in my hair and letting it be may no longer be the way to go. My hair is getting super tangled which leads to even more breakage. So I started experimenting with braiding up my hair while it dries and twisting it at night before bed.

Pretty up my toes!
One thing that has taken a major backseat since my pregnancy was my bi-weekly pedicures. I love having smooth feet and nicely painted toes! Not only do my feet look good, it gives me much needed me time! What I don't love is doing them myself and with a toddler tied to my hip every day, it's gotten harder to get out to my local nail shop. This year I need to get back into my pedi groove and that will mean letting my husband take over more often so I can get out and do my thing!

What are your beauty resolutions?

MJ is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, a style blogger for Fierce, a freelance writer and a mom to a gorgeous baby girl.