Beauty Guru: The Best Moisturizer for Every Inch of Your Skin

As much of the country prepares for what is ahead in the following months, ladies know our skin is about to dry up. I have already started babying certain spots of my skin that seem to dry before other areas. What is it about the tops of your lips, your back, underneath your eyes, and your hands all of a sudden becoming a desert as soon as the temperature drops just a bit? As I am making my Christmas list, I have added a couple of moisturizing items I know you will want to try because they will make sure you are hydrated in all the right ways.

Best Moisturizer for Your Face

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is the winner every time. As soon as you spread this luscious cream on to your face and feel how it feels, you will never choose another moisturizer again. It isn't heavy. It doesn't take forever to sink in and it doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. The Ultra Facial Collection by Kiehl's offers is an excellent choice to keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter months. Ask for it for the holiday and see for yourself.

Best Moisturizer for Your Lips

We have fallen in love with the EOS lip balms. With eight scents and flavors, EOS lives up to its name. They are the Evolution of Smooth and will keep your lips protected from the harsh weather conditions winter loves to serve up. For medicated relief, try the Mediated Tangerine.

Best Moisturizer for Your Body

With a light touch but packing a strong punch, Cetaphil's Daily Advanced Ultra Hydrating Lotion is about as close to moisturizing perfection you can buy for your body. Being fragrance free and non-comedogenic, this moisturizer is perfect for anyone. The best part: It won't break the bank.

Best Moisturizer for Your Hair

Everyone knows your hair dries out quicker in the winter months than any other time. You need powerful moisture to lock your hair down and prevent snarled tresses. Giovanni's Avocado and Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Conditioner is your best bet and passes an everyday swimmer's test.

With these products you will be moisturized and never dry this winter season. Do you have any products you would recommend? I would love to test them and let you know my thoughts. Leave me a comment below and we will be in touch!