Beauty Guru: Caring for Your Combination Skin in Warmer Months

With the warmer temps coming around, it's becoming more important than ever to care for our skin. From the blazing sun to colorful makeup looks, your skin will be going through a lot and it's our job to help us recover. For those of us with combination skin we have a unique challenge. Places like our cheeks can get dry, while our chins, noses, and foreheads can be crazy oily and more prone to breakouts, so it's important to use products that make them all happy. This month my fellow gurus and I are sharing our skincare routines. Even though my combination skin can have a lot going on, my routine is simple and to the point.


I wash my face first thing in the morning, helping me start my busy day off right! I used to get cleansers that catered specifically to combination skin but the one I liked wasn't kind to my wallet. So I go for those that are oil free and control shine. With combo skin, the T-zone is a major problem and I find that oil fighting cleansers help with that. If my skin is breaking out, I go for one those that exfoliate, breaking down pimples without drying the rest of my face out. In the evening if I've been wearing makeup all day or my face is totally sweated out I cleanse again. On those makeup days and I'm feeling a little lazy when bedtime comes around, I grab the makeup wipes, making sure I get everything off. Sleeping in makeup is a huge no-no for me!

Product Recs: Clean and Clear Morning Burst Oil Control, Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, Neutrogena Makeup Wipes


I moisturize my skin every time after I cleanse. With moisturizers, there are plenty of products to choose from that cater to combination skin. You want to make sure the dry or normal parts of your face gets the moisture it needs while the oily T-zone gets just enough so it doesn't overproduce oil to compensate. You also want to get one with SPF. The sun is brutal so you want to keep your face protected. I find that putting on an additional sunscreen can make my skin way too greasy so my moisturizer has to pull double duty.

Product Recs: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with sunscreen SPF 15, Mary Kay Timewise Age Fighting Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Cool Extras:

Sometimes your skin needs a little extra depending on what's going on. These days, my face tends to get a dull tired look (having a little baby can do that!). So I turn to at-home facials or special needs cleansers to give it a little pick me up. For a busy girl like me, these little things can make a big a difference!

Product Recs: Bliss Spa Triple Oxygen Foaming Cleanser, Clean and Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightener

What is your skincare routine?

MJ is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, a beauty/fashion blogger for Fierce, a freelance writer, and a stay-at-home mom.