Beauty Guru: I Confess to These Beauty Trend Failures

"These are my confessions!"

No, I don't have an Usher-sized confession to make. However, I do have to confess that I have tried beauty trends that did not work well for me. Some just did not agree with me, while others left behind some damage. Here are three beauty trends that I did not conquer.

The Dark Rimmed Lip of the Late 1990s

This is a trend that, in the back of my mind, I knew was not for me. However, it was all over the place in hip hop. It seemed like I was the only young female of color who did not wear this look. So, one day I decided to try it. I lined my lips with a black liner and wore a light, brown sugar-toned, shimmery lipstick. I nailed the technique but that look just was not for me. I could not stand it. The bad thing is it took a while to remove the dark line from around my lips, because I made the mistake of using waterproof eyeliner. As a result, I had a dark ring around my mouth for the rest of the day.

The Chunky Highlight Trend of the Early 2000s

The trend has come and gone several times over the past two decades. However, I said goodbye to this trend in 2004 when I chunky fried/dyed my hair to death. I used to use semi-permanent hair color to bring out more of the brown tones in my hair. One day I decided to buy one of those streaking kits that allowed you to apply the chunky highlight streaks with this special comb that came with it. I chose a kit that was supposed to give me light, golden brown highlights.

At first, I cried because my chunky highlights turned out orange. However, over the next few days the color darkened to a caramel color that I did like. So, I'm thinking success! After doing this to my hair for a year, I noticed my hair started to become very dry and brittle. My streaked ends were straggly like straw. I had fried my hair! I decided to stop using this trend and my hair has not missed it at all. Every now and then, I want to try to color my hair. However, I remember what I did to my hair back then and keep it moving.

Fall 2012's Futuristic Eye Trend

I love eye makeup. Eye makeup trends are my weakness. I typically know which trends will not work for me without having to try them out. However, the futuristic eye trend had so many variations that I figured I would give one of them a try. I tried a combination of bright color with the geometric eyeliner thrown in for an added punch. Technically the results were not "bad." However, it was just too much going on to suit my personal taste.

These are just three of my beauty trend blunders. The chunky highlights were the worst trend I tried because I ended up with damaged hair. Even though not all beauty trends work for me I will still experiment. Although, I doubt I will ever experiment with hair color again!

What beauty trends have you tried that turned into disasters for you or just did not work out well?

ShawnTe Pierce is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and writes about beauty and fashion for her blog SJP's Fashion Updates as well for Yahoo! Voices, Daily Glow and other places on the web (sounds mysterious doesn't it?). Follow me on Twitter or at Fashion Sense on Facebook.