Beauty Guru: My Daily Skincare Routine

Plus Amazing Products I Use to the Last Drop

I consider falling into a comfortable skincare routine as difficult as finding your wedding dress. It takes a lot of trial and error and there are certainly some frustrations along the way, but your efforts are absolutely worth it at the end of the day (or months, rather).

I'll preface the rest of this article by saying that every skincare routine varies from woman to woman. And it even varies for a single woman depending on the time of the month, year or even where she lives. For example, my skin is more oily while ovulating and it requires less moisturizer when visiting the Midwest compared to what it requires in Phoenix, where I live.

With all that said, I have fallen into a comfortable skincare routine and my skin is a hundred times happier as a result. I even consistently receive compliments on my "glowing" and "healthy" skin -- compliments I truly value since I used to struggle with mild acne.

My Skin Type: Slightly oily

My Daily Skincare Routine

Morning: I start out every morning by rinsing my face with lukewarm water and -- this is important -- no soap. My skin does accumulate some oil over night, but rinsing it off and gently patting dry is all I need. Over the years, I've found that washing with soap in the morning causes more breakouts for me.

Makeup: As for face makeup, I usually wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF. My favorite product, and it receives rave reviews across the board, is Dr. Jart's BB Cream. If you're new to the product, I recommend Dr. Jart's sampler box, which includes four different BB creams. After you've run out, purchase your favorite full sized product. The lighter foundation lets skin breath throughout the day, evens complexion and provides excellent coverage. If I'm wearing heavier makeup, I like to apply a primer underneath the BB Cream to keep oil at bay. I recommend BECCA's Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector or BECCA's Resurfacing Primer. Both primers are ideal for slightly oily skin.

Night: I never skip washing my face at the end of the night, even if I'm absolutely exhausted. My skin thanks me and I find I sleep better with a clean face, as well. I've fallen into the routine of using Wei East's China Herbal Age Delay Foaming Cleanser. Because I love treating myself, and because I want to keep my skin as youthful as possible for as long as possible, I follow up with an eye serum and a face/neck serum. My absolute favorite products at the moment are Darphin's VitalSkin Anti-Fatigue Dynamizing Serum and Darphin's Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition. Apply while skin is still slightly damp.

Weekly: Exfoliating your skin is essential. I recommend exfoliating once every three to four days to keep skin looking brighter and younger. I highly recommend Shinto Clinical by Kimora Lee Simmons' Micro Manage Instant Microdermabrasian Treatment. The grains are fine enough to not beat your skin up, but not so fine that the product doesn't work at all.

Why I Spend More

I know that my recommendations here are a little on the expensive side. In my opinion, your skin is worth it. Why? Because having clear and beautiful skin is a huge confidence booster. Not only that, but bright, youthful and blemish-free skin makes you look healthier and happier.

I use all of the above products until they run out -- they never sit around. Even with consistent use, the products last for up to 6 months and in some cases, longer (the exfoliator, for example). Because of the high quality, the apparent, visible results and the longevity of each product, I truly consider them all worthy investments.