Beauty Guru: DIY Skin Care Recipes

My skincare routine is quick and simple. I use a mild cleanser, an occasional toner, and a light, oil-free moisturizer to both start and end my day. It's my belief that a good regimen should never be expensive and never too complex. Even better, are natural skincare remedies that provide true benefits to the skin.

Below are two of my favorite skincare recipes that are and made up of minimal ingredients found in most kitchens.

  • 1. The Lemon Cleanse - Start by removing the seeds from one plump lemon. After cutting it in half, squeeze the juice into a plastic dish. Soak a cotton ball in the lemon juice, lightly ring out the excess and rub it over your face. The citrus acid acts as a natural cleanser and exfoliates at the same time! It's phenomenal during the summer because it removes sweat and perspiration that usually accumulates on the dreaded T-Zone. I'll soak clean cotton balls in the juice and wipe down my neck and décolletage; it keeps my neck brighter and my bosom pimple free. Store the leftovers in the fridge with a tight fitting lid for about a week and use daily.
  • 2. Gimme some Sugah - It wasn't too long ago that I was teased for my insanely chapped lips. Vaseline only softened the skin long enough for me to tear it away which still hurt like crazy. As a grown up, I found a less painful alternative with longer lasting, sexier results. Pour a teaspoon or two of sugar into a small bowl, sprinkle a few shots of olive oil into the sugar, just enough to make it wet but not too pasty. Mix well and apply over both lips. "Gently" scrub with fingers (preferably your ring finger because it uses less force) the inner rims and over the outer core. Again, "gently" wipe or pat away with a soft cloth and apply a hydrating moisturizer and/or lip balm. Immediately, you should experience smoother lips, less dryness, better lip product performance and other great results.


  • · FRESH Sugar Cosmetics lip balm
  • · Carlini 100% Pure Olive oil

So guys, besides clear skin, what other benefits are lemons good for?