Beauty Guru: The Easiest Summer Hair Updo!

Summertime leaves my hair feeling sweaty and wind-blown. Most of the time I'll throw it up in a bun and call it quits. But when I'm wanting to feel the maximum summer fanciness for minimal effort, I hop over to this updo! Some people where I live think that headbands are only used to hold your hair back when you're washing or face or exercising. Oh, I say nay-nay!

Have you lost the last of your bobby pins? I think I maybe have 5 to my name right now. I know they're cheap and I can pick up more later, but why do that when all I have to do is hunt in the bottom of my purse...or couch...or bathroom floor. Anyway! Ugh, yeah I lose bobby pins all the time. But that's a story for a different day.

OK, I'm usually out of bobby pins. Or too lazy to search for them. So, I trust in my headband! These things are great for a lot of go to hair styles! It's easy to hide hair around them creating such an effortless look. Everyone will think that your hair is stuffed with pins! I won't tell if you won't.

I call this the 5-Minute Boho Updo!

I say boho because the messier the better. Take this hairstyle out in the summer breeze, and it'll just get better with age. Like Brad Pitt.

Step 1

Tussle and back comb your hair up a bit to give it some texture. This will help it hold for the day. I always do my updo's with dirty hair, maybe 1 or 2 days after a wash. It holds up really well then. Tie your stretchy headband on the girth of your crown. I love using these headbands! They are affordable and don't slip off as easily.

Step 2

Tuck your hair up and over the headband along the front and sides. Depending on your hair length, you can play around with the volume here. Try backcombing your bangs to a more retro look. I like to part my hair down the middle for a '70s feel.

Step 3

Gently part your hair down the middle in the back. Braid the rest of your hair into two pigtails. Again, you can tug at pull at various parts of your braid to make it look messier and bigger. Or you can sleek out your braids with some mousse for a refined look. I like messy. Messy is good.

Step 4

Tuck your braids back and under the headband in the rear. My hair stays well without bobby pins. Perhaps you have finer hair. If so, simply secure with a few pins (if you find them, am I right?) and spritz with your favorite hairspray!

Play around with this look. If I'm feeling really chill, I'll just wrap my hair around the headband all the way around for a crown look. I love to dress it up with a couple of big fake flowers or maybe even a floral headband. It's the perfect boho look that doesn't take hardly any time out of your routine.

Good luck and happy summer hairstyling!

Megan Colwell has been a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru since 2009. She enjoys experimenting with make-up and hair techniques. In her spare time, she runs a blog called The Nautical Owl that focuses on thrifted fashion and artwork. Follow along on Facebook or Twitter!