Beauty Guru: Fall Beauty Mistakes

I don't know one person who doesn't look forward to fall. The style. The make-up. Ugh, the pumpkin coffee! Fall is hands down my favorite beauty season. Although, it does not come without its faux pas.

It seems like every fall I stumble onto the same mistakes. Here's hoping you can learn from my downfalls!


I love them, and I love them endlessly. I live in tights throughout fall. I always buy up all the colors and designs that my poor budget will allow. But, I'll tell you what, tights are fickle. They are sensitive, and they like to drive me crazy.

At work I tend to sit with one leg tucked beneath me (I know, it's probably not the best for posture). Fall also begs for boots. A lot of my boots have zippers on the inside. So when I sit for a while, I forget that my leg is tucked underneath. I'll hop up to complete some mundane office task only to look down to find my zipper caught onto my tights. Are you kidding me?

Seriously, this happens every year to me. For instance, just this weekend I bought a pair of thick grey tights. I wore them with my beige combat boots today. Hey, guess what happened?

Huge rip in the calf! You would've thought I deleted everything off the company server with how painfully I groaned. I was so disappointed! At least for the day I can hide the hole in the nook of my knee, but these sweet tights are going to have to go.

Right, so how do you avoid it? Well, for one, don't sit with your legs tucked under. Perhaps if I sat like a lady this wouldn't happen. Old habits die hard, right? But since I probably won't stop doing it, I try to remember to pull my skirt down far enough so my boot isn't directly touching my tights.

If you have a run in nylon stockings you can always dab a little bit of clear nail polish on it. Hairspray works, too. Even school glue works! Anything sticky will stop the run until you have time to go home and change.

Let's save our tights, shall we?

Oily Hair

OK, this is a problem that never really goes away for me. You would think with the dryer air inside I wouldn't have this problem in the fall, but I do. I'm usually the person who gets stuck in the rain. So my hair will end up oily one way or another.

I try to always have a dry shampoo on me. My favorite right now is from Beauty Brands called Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. It's affordable at $20 a bottle and smells amazing. Plus, it lasts a while.

I don't like carrying that big bottle around with me. So you know what I do? Use baby powder! You read that right! I'll buy up the dollar/travel size baby powder and keep it in my purse. My bangs tend to get super oily, so I just put a little dash in my palm and with my fingertips work it into my roots. Then, I comb it out. It gives me a bit of volume and smells amazing!

Dry Skin

Oily hair and dry skin, just my luck right? But it's something I must deal with every year. When fall rolls around I get my moisturizing arsenal ready! I hate being itchy, especially when I climb into my warm bed.

The way I combat dry skin is simple: keep moisture in. So I put lotion on right when I get out of the shower. I really like using the Curel line, because it doesn't bother my sensitive skin, and it absorbs quickly. Also, during the colder months, I'll add baby oil to a bottle of hair conditioner. I use this as a shaving cream. It works wonders!

And when my feet get really dry, I'll glob on a ton of Eucerin cream and put some thick socks on. Eucerin cream is really thick and oily, so it does an amazing job of regaining moisture to whatever body part you need. Simply leave the socks on overnight, and in the morning you'll have soft feet!

What beauty trends are you trying this fall?