Beauty Guru: Fall into a More Natural Look

Updating your fall makeup look should be simple. Instead of pulling out all the stops with the smoky eye or the bright red lips, how about a more natural approach to makeup this year? With the crisp weather and losing the summer glow, harsh makeup choices can sometimes look to stark. How do you get a more natural look, you ask? These simple steps will set you on your way.

Step 1: Apply your pressed powder.Step One: With a clean and moisturized face, apply a thin layer of pressed powder. This will be your base to set the rest of your makeup. Over the years, I have gone back and forth with using a cream base or pressed powder. I would suggest, unless you are going on stage or needing to hide a whopper of a blemish, stick with the pressed powder. It won't clog your pores. I use Cover Girl's Simply Powder Foundation.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of bronzer.Step Two: Using a large poufy brush, apply a thin layer of bronzer to your face. Make sure you blend it in very well. If the brush is not helping, use a cotton swab or cotton pad to rub in the bronzer. Nothing looks worse than an over-bronzed face. For this step, I use Cover Girl's Tru Blend Minerals.

Step 3: Apply mascara.Step Three: Apply a coat or two of your favorite mascara. This month, I have been using Rimmel's Extra Super Lash. I like it, and it doesn't clump or feel strange on my eyelashes after a couple of hours.

Step 4: Finish with shiny lip gloss.Step Four: Apply a shiny gloss to finish your look. Victoria's Secret Minty Kiss gloss is a favorite and tastes wonderfully. Keep in your purse or bag to reapply whenever you need a little shine in your life.

Looking good for fall should be hassle-free. With four steps you can be out the door with a fresh face and smile placed upon your lips. Looking natural never looked better, especially out on a hay ride or searching for the perfect pumpkin.