Beauty Guru: My Favorite Decade for Beauty is the 70s

The Ultimate Throwback for Sexiness

I was so excited when we got this month's assignment, because of two words... nineteen and seventies; finally, I get a chance to gush about my favorite beauty decade. Although I was born in the latter part of the 70s and didn't get to experience much of it, my connection is so strong with big hair, lashes, and lips, because I'm a glam girl at heart.

My number number one beauty adoration from the 70s is, without question, big, bouncy hair. Farrah Fawcett, my personal hair crush and iconic beauty, rocked the most amazing locks I have ever seen. I was and still am infatuated with this blonde bombshell's gorgeous mane. Perfectly aligned layers turned into feathery curls have become a sex symbol for over 30 years.

I've often duplicated Ms. Fawcett's style while adding my own touch of modernism by adding dope colors. As with any great hairstyle, you first need to start with a great, professional cut. Ask for face framing layers that curl away from the face. To maintain my curls daily, before bed, I separate my hair into sections, rolling it with flexi rods. The next morning, I remove the flexi rods and literally finger comb my hair and head out the door. Flexi rods are awesome tools, because they require no heat, are easy to sleep in, and keep my coif healthy, full, and shiny.

On days when I curl my hair, I use the Conair curling wand for the perfect retro look. It produces a variety of curls from tight to loose, small and large. After "wanding," I finger comb and I'm done. To create feathery bangs, partially wrap the bang around the wand vertically, being careful not to make a full curl, but instead, release the hair towards the opposite direction of the face. Finger fluff and go.

One negative about the curling wand is the heat sensitive black glove included; it only covers the first two fingers and thumb and is awkwardly ill-fitting. So, for now, I use it gloveless but beware, before going in commando, remember that the wand goes up to 400 degrees and burns like heck... trust me.

When mentioning 70s beauty, no disco was complete without frosty blue eyeshadow, juicy pink lips, sky-high lashes, and the proverbial satin romper. To turn this ensemble into a Ms. Kim original, I line my eyes with the smooth, no tug formula of Cover Girl's Liquiline Blast eyeliner in Blue Boom. I'll line my eyes like normal but apply more of the liner on top of the lid then smudge it with the attached smudger.

My lips are lined with Jordana Baby Dreams lipliner for the perfect pinkish pout and a couple thin layers of clear gloss on the bottom lip for succulent sexiness. As with any 70s sex kitten, the right blush is important. Instead of mirroring the heavy doses of rouge past, I lightly illuminate the ball of my cheeks using Mally Beauty's Shimmer Shape and Glow natural blush, highlighting and contouring kit. Pat the blush onto the cheek ball, then swipe upwards towards the temples. When done correctly, applying this way creates its own contouring effect and keeps the look toned down, fresh, and current.

My "healthy" obsession with the 70s has not only taught me that beauty trends are always on repeat, but once you make them your own, you then become a goddess of timelessness.

So, ladies, am I on point with my 70s obsession or not?

Tools I use:

Flexi Rods - Navy Blue Super Rollers by Hair Art $8.49/4pk

Conair Curling Wand - Target

Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening Mist CoverGirl liquiline blast in Blue Boom - Walgreens Jordana Baby Dreams lipliner - Walgreens Blush - Shimmer Shape and Glow kit